Saamy 2 Movie Review

Saamy Square Movie Review

Saamy Square Movie Review

Direction Hari
Writer Hari
Producer Shibu Thameens
Cast Vikram
Bobby Simha
Prabhu Ganesan
Aishwarya Rajesh
Keerthy Suresh
Music Devi Sri Prasad
Cinematography Priyan
Venkatesh Anguraj
Editor V. T. Vijayan
T. S. Jay
Production company Thameens Films
Running Time 156 mins
Release Date 21st September 2018


Vikram’s Saamy had its heavy stroke, which continues to exist even today, which is 16 years after its release. But what turns out to be a huge doubt is whether Hari wanted to make a comeback using the brand’s success. In an incisive style, it can be said that Saamy Square tests your patience heavily from beginning till end, except for those 20 minute of pre-interval sequence. In other words, the film is carried on the shoulders of Vikram alone. Bobby Simha does give his best performance, but still, we are not able to the magic he created with his magnum opus Jigarthanda. It isn’t insisting for a same replica, but he can do a better job than what he has done in Saamy Square now.

Perhaps, the person to be blamed is Hari for sketching his character in a mediocre state. The other disappointing part of Saamy Square is Aishwarya replacing Trisha for the role of Bhuvana. This turns out to be a first major annoyance for the audience by the initial 15 minutes. Again, it is not something to do with the performance of Aishwarya, for she tries to deliver her best. But then, she doesn’t suit for the role of a Brahmin girl, especially for that particular slang. To see a proficient actor like John Vijay being wasted for no reason is a complete disappointment. Excuse me Soori sir! Please wake up or it would be too late. We aren’t able to laugh in any of your comedy portions.

When it comes to narration, Hari has completely missed his trademark style. The only convincing part in the film is 20-minute pre interval episode and the bumping off of OAK Sundar, which clearly embellishes the great style of Hari. But then, the other portions are dragged up. Musical score by Devi Sri Prasad isn’t convincing.

If Hari had tried diluting the raciness through edit cuts and fast camera movements, thereby focusing on real raciness through his narration, Saamy Square would have been an enjoyable fare.