Sachin: A Billion Dreams Movie Review

Sachin: A Billion Dreams Movie Review

Direction :
Producer : Ravi Bhagchandka, Carnival Motion Pictures
Cast : , ,
Music : A.R.Rahman
Editor :
Production company : 200 NotOut Productions
Running Time : 138 mins

Nostalgias intensely gush through our senses! It’s a pretty hard rarity where you tend to revisit the life of someone and you could instantly get brimmed up with your very own journey memory down the lane. It’s not just about collective persons and I personally, everyone, who were addicted to religion called ‘Cricket’ by the late 80s and 90s, where commercial tantrums, monetary (I)m(P)u(L)ses didn’t have its way and just ‘Patriotism’ was nurturing the spirit of Indian team and Billion Dreams of India.

The highs and lows of a matinee idol of 22 yards and billion spectators could have been an easy idea for anyone, but how carefully it gets crafted becomes a sane oppugn. Be the sequences, where the delineation of Former Indian Captain Mohammad Azharuddin or the fractious moments under crackbrained Greg Chappell would have become an intrinsic challenge to bring under public glare. Emmy nominated filmmaker James Erskine and brilliant penetrate into this biopic, which rather like fictionalized self-aggrandizing MS Dhoni just offers what a real biopic is. It’s a Docu-Drama that strictly sticks to the paradigms and doesn’t try to exaggerate itself. The brilliant flash points frequently take their possessions as Demi-God doesn’t plant his ideas of self-appraisal. There are certain instances, where his wife Anjali jokingly opines, “His children are his heaven and at times his defense mechanism against odd moments, but he never changes their diapers” or Australian Cricketer Shane Warne, “I used to wonder why Sachin always invites me for midnight dinner to his residence, when there is a pressurizing cricket match ahead of tomorrow. Is he really playing a host or with some hidden plans?” Such fun-filled moments really embellishes the childlike Sachin and the candid moments he plays with his kids brings up a clear embodiment about his ‘Secret of Energy and his Youthfulness’. The clippings that show him vigorously involved in fun and humour with his close friends and his racing fever incessantly bestow us upon hidden life of Sachin.

The adverse situations as Sachin utters,I was really broken down when I returned back to India with commandos standing outside my house and couple of them sleeping inside my home for my protection.” The heart-wrenching moment pricks into our memories when we believed Cricket was India’s new religion and overnight, an appalling statement blows out ‘Match Fixing’, where it shattered the spiritual addition to this game. And Sachin Tendulkar recollects how he decided to overcome such hurdles.

The buried mourning lying beneath his heart and tears constrained with his eyelids while playing the match right after the demise of his father. In fact that’s the point of intermission, where the mild spell of drenches us into inevitable emotions. Well, if you’re keenly asking what’s doing here? This could be the best exemplification that ARR is definitely the genius of his musical realms. He just maintains silence in many places not letting the real beauty of visuals captured through the candid cameras of Sachin. Watch out for the wedding clippings of Sachin and Anjali, where he could impregnated his uttermost musical wizardry, but eventually refrains letting the real ambience of Jagjit Singh Ghazal sprinkling out there.

Finally, as we walk out of the theatres, there’s one thing that possesses your brains and souls. It wasn’t just about revisiting the life of Sachin Tendulkar. Just bring out any of his matches either at disastrous moment at Eden Gardens or the epical victory at Sharjah, you would instantly recollect what we were personally doing at that time. Revisiting Sachin is like you’re travelling memory down the lane as we cited at the beginning.

Sachin: A Billion Dreams Movie Review
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Verdict: An experience of Joyful tears, Unconditional Inspiration and Memories that don’t fade.

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