Sangu Chakkaram Movie Review

Sangu Chakkaram Movie Review
Sangu Chakkaram Movie Review

Sangu Chakkaram Movie Review

ProducerK.Sathish, V.S.Rajkumar
Dhilip Subbarayan,
Jeremy Roske,
CinematographyRavi Kannan
EditorVijay Velkutty
Production companyCinemawala Pictures,
Leo Visions,
Diya Movies
Running Time
123 mins


When was the last time, you saw a film categorized into ‘Kids’ genre and purely remained to its paradigm. Of course, we have adored Hollywood’s Baby’s Day Out, Home Alone and many more flicks that include ‘Jumanji’ franchise as well. But when it comes to our very own Tamil industry, things have been slightly exaggerated. But with Sangu Chakkram, the makers remain strictly into the box, where the film refrains from being indulged in unwanted tracks of love, comedy or violence.

The film opens with multiple tracks involving few kids being chiselled to get inside a mansion like bungalow by a conman (Dhilip Subbarayan), who plans to kidnap them for ransom money. On the other end, there is a sharp minded chap, who wants to be killed by his guardians so that they acquire his wealth. A conniving man tries to make use of the same place for his pleasuring advantage over a girl. All these characters gets locked inside the house, which is already occupied by a mother and child ghost.

Having glimpsed upon the synopsis, we could be literally drawn in with our assumption that it’s a routine ghost movie with flashbacks and revenge. But what surprises us is the contrastive premise. Sangu Chakkram doesn’t boast of these stereotypical elements. In fact, everything is done in contradictory style, where the ghosts appear and the lights are on rather than a gloomy lights out situation. Director Maarison has handpicked actors who would be naturalistically exhibiting their performances. The kids never exaggerate anything on their acting and completely remain close to their characters. Dhilip Subbarayan as a notorious yet funny antagonistic shade gets his performance well done.

The intentions of the makers are very clear. They are not here to repeat the horror pot boiler nor bring in commercial elements. But they keep themselves adhered to the ‘Kids’ zone. It holds good moral in places, which are well mentioned in dialogues. The conversation involving mother and child ghost saying, ‘Let us not get into human world, it has violent weapon – Money”. If you’re intensely looking out for anything on the flip side, there isn’t much to be noted. Perhaps, the film caters to the tastes of kids and family audiences.

Director Maarison and his team of writers refrain from getting the film blended with unwanted comedy tracks, love portions or anything of that sort, especially the songs. The background score and cinematography are decent traits.

On the whole, producers Sathish Kumar of Cinemawala Pictures and Leo Vision V.S. Rajkumar deserve special mention for believing in this concept and making it a reality on big screens.

Sangu Chakkaram Movie Review
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Verdict: Redefines the ‘Children’ genre in Tamil cinema.

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