Savarakathi Movie Review

Savarakathi Movie Review
Savarakathi Movie Review
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Savarakathi Movie Review

DirectionG.R. Adithya
MusicArrol Corelli
CinematographyKarthik Venkatraman
EditorSathees Kumar
Production companyLonewolf Productions
Running Time
115 mins
Running Time09/ Feb/2018


However simple a film’s plot might be, if it is given the best dose of writing with substantial narration and characterizations, it will never miss to engross us. Savarakathi elegantly keeps itself intact with these constituents.

Both the lead characters – Pichai (Ram) and Manga (Mysskin) have their characterisations well established by the initial moments. Director Ram’s reference to his forefather’s connection with Mughal emperors empowers his characterization as a ritual liar.

With Mysskin, we see his henchmen so much cruel and he so gruesome, but he allows a victim to escape without being hurt severely in his introduction scene. Such are the efficiencies that you could witness with the substance that is involved in Mysskin’s writing.

If you’ve to rank the actors based on their performances, Poorna would be the topper.

She has breathed her inmost heart and soul into the movie with an impeccable brilliance. This might look quite superlative, but she comes closest to the league of Kovai Sarala and even Saranya Ponvannan bringing their hilarious resemblance. Ram is rediscovered with a humorous shade. His spontaneity with witty liners and mannerisms are noticeable. Watch out for his encounters with that rag picker, which is less than a minute or the one, where he tries to escape from chains of goons, he keeps you at least with a smile and bark out laughter.

Mysskin’s atrocious anger keeps balancing with antagonistic appeal and comedic approach. His body language wins more than his dialogues. The scene, where his maternal uncle scolds him relentlessly and you expect that he would get bashed in return. You break into laugh in contrast to hear Mysskin say, “Nee Romba Pesitta. Seri Kopptu Po..” Maybe, it could take some time for the audiences to get settled with the premise. But the fault is not upon the script or film, but with face values. To get settled with a film that has unconventional actors in lead roles needs time, but once done it keeps you experience finer.

But the emotions hold us intact by the final moment, where the characterization of Pichai speaks truth for the first time and he sees the positive result at cycle rental shop. Musical score by Arrol Corelli is so much appreciable, especially in the scenes, where he maintains silence with mild music. Couple of songs gets its due attention as well.

By the end of film, you definitely feel it’s a wholesome show that was worth spending 114 minutes in theatres. Although, we tend to notice Mysskin’s trademark everywhere in the script, Aditya doesn’t miss to get noticed for his directorial skills

Savarakathi Movie Review
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Savarakathi owns a simple plot, but offers a blend of emotions and humour.

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