Seeru Movie Review

Seeru Movie Review

Seeru Movie Review

DirectorRathina Shiva
Written byRathina Shiva
ProducerIshari K. Ganesh
Riya Suman
Gayathri Krishnaa
MusicD. Imman
CinematographyPrasanna Kumar
EditorLawrence Kishore
Production companyVels Film International
Running Time124 mins

Jiiva’s career has been a blend of commercial and offbeat flicks. The surprising part is that he has shined in both the domains and that has made him a bankable and minimum guarantee star. He was very much confident with ‘Seeru’ citing that it has all elements to get be enjoyed as a 100% commercial entertainer. Produced by Vels Film International and directed by Rathina Siva of Rekka fame, let us have a look into the film’s synopsis followed by the analysis.

The story is set in Mayilaadurai, where Jiiva is seen owning a local cable TV. He is indulged heavily in the task of being whistle blower of bringing open the illegal activities and social evils in the neighbourhood. When it comes to his personal space, it’s a beautiful girlfriend and his loveable younger sister. But things take a turn, when he has a murderer (Varun) entering his life.

Having said that ‘Seeru’ is going to be a perfect commercial entertainer, in other words, a Tamil Padam, we are supposed to drop down the tasteful desire that you find in Avant-Garde filmmakers. Yes, we are watching a pakka Tamil movie. There’s going to be fun, action, romance, emotions, friendship, etc… In fact, Jiiva has already proved to be a winner in this zone. Well, for Rathina Siva, his erstwhile movie ‘Rekka’ was just an average fare, which had some intensity worthy of appreciations, but on the other end, missed something that made it incomplete. It’s all the same here as we find a bunch of mass and emotional moments, but they all get faded away due to some inconsistency in keeping us engrossed. Especially, there are few elements that actually gets overdosed. The portions involving Goli Soda Chandini and Navdeep are a total crap. We can spare only to a certain extent on logical issues, but cannot accept when it goes beyond limits.

Getting on with performance, it’s Jiiva and Varun, who have done a remarkable job. Both of them have given their best. Riya Suman has nothing to do with the film. The one in the role as Jiiva’s sister is okay. Chandini gives a good performance, but her character is little inclined towards artificiality. Satish has nothing special in tickling our funny bones.

On the technical front, D Imman’s songs work out to a certain extent and it’s action blocks that scores brownie points.

As on whole, Seeru does have some engaging moments, but after a certain point, we tend to notice more artificiality, which hampers the engagement levels.