Singam 3 Music Review

Singam 3 Music Review

Singam 3 Music Review

With the word ‘Go’, Singam 3 had carried the charms of expressive elations and curious celebrations among the franchise followers. The film’s third installment featuring Suriya as Durai Singam and his ladylove Anushka Shetty back in same role has the audio launched. Shruthi Haasan is the latest inclusion, who would be seen playing a prominent role in this film directed by Hari. We bring you an exclusive music review of this album.

O Sone Sone
Singers: Javed Ali, Priya Subramaniyam and MC Vickey
Lyrics: PA.Vijay
Rap: MC Vickey

Both the previous installments of Singam had over pumping introduction songs for ‘Durai Singam’, but this time it all gets softly attacking with ‘O Sone Sone’. It faintly reminds us off Harris’ ‘Honey Honey’ from Ayan, which predominantly shifted to different zone with fast beats. Pa. Vijay has penned the lines tailor made for mass appeal and Javed Ali is the right choice to croon it.

Mudhal Murai
Singers: Harish Raghavendra, Swetha Mohan, N.S.K Ramya and Karthik
Lyrics : Thamarai, N.S.K Ramya

One of the cherry picks from this album as Harris Jayaraj gives his best strokes upon ‘Mudhal Murai’. The singers are the greatest bliss for this number as they get it so much adorned with pleasant honeyed effect. Not to miss the most splendiferous intonation of Swetha Mohan followed by Harish Raghavendra and Karthik. The portions involving N.S.K Ramya is indeed worthy of more appreciations and more than all, it’s the lines by Thamarai.

Universal Cop Singers: Christoper, Dinesh Kanagarathnam and Krish Lyrics : Vivek, Dinesh Kanagarathnam

What happens when Harris Jayaraj tries to increase the tempo of Adele Skyfall and then he attempts to make furthermore difference by letting male singers onboard? That’s a result of ‘Universal Cop’ and this would be yet more impressive if he had made it with female singers.

S3 Vetta (Theme Music)
Singer: Mc Vickey

This sounds like a perfect Devi Sri Prasad formulae and not of Harris Jayaraj and it looks like director Hari wanted to make it more appealing to the masses with Local Mass Masala flavour, which is evident with the lines and rendition by Mc Vickey.

He’s My Hero
Singer: Malavika Manoj
Lyrics: Hari and Malavika Manoj

Nothing much to get along with the analysis as it sounds like a slow paced number with some sassy elements with the English lines. However, Malavika Manoj has done a complete justice to this song and Hari has tried to make his presence as lyricist, which works out to a certain extent, though not to the peak.

Wi Wi Wi Wi Wifi
Singers: Karthik, Nikita Gandhi and Christopher
Lyrics: Hari and Harris Jayaraj

Yet another commercial attempt by the team of singers and musicians. Yes, it’s a song that is catering to the tastes of front benchers in theatres. Nothing much really enticing about the track, but somewhere it could hit the target audiences across suburban and rural areas.

Mission To Sydney
Singers: Lady Kash
Lyrics : Hari, Lady Kash

Here comes a track tailor made for Durai Singam, the cop of universal, who is on the hunt and this time to Sydney. The title itself clearly enables us to perceive it to be a signature music with some montages of Durai Singam on mission and might be, some actions can be loaded up too. Let us wait and watch out for this on the screens. Lady Kash is groovy in her vocalizations and lyrical quotients too.

On the whole, Singam 3 gets a mix of western and local flavour that would be surely having its toast of celebrations over the times. Some tracks like O Sone Sone and Mudhal Murai would have its reception immediately while other songs might take some time to gets its course of toast.