Sonna Puriyathu Movie Review

Cast - Shiva , Vasundhara Kashyap , Manobala , Blade Shankar , Vatsala Rajagopal , Sam Anderson (Suprise Cameo) , Gangai Ameran (Suprise Cameo)
Music - Yathish Mahadev
Cinematographer - Saravanan
Editing - T S Suresh
Story , Screenplay , Direction - Krishnan Jayaraj

Story/Plot :

Following the recent release of Thillu Mullu Shiva once again back with yet another comedy flick. In this movie he plays a Tamil dubbing artist for Hollywood movies. Blade Shankar will be assisting him in his works. His role in this flick was about a guy who least bother about marriage and dream to get a brand new Volkswagen. Anjali (Vasundhara Kashyap) is ultra modern girl who wish to enjoy marriage free life. What happens between Shiva and Anjali, when both families get together for an arranged marriage forms the rest of the story.

Character/Acting :

Shiva – He has done his role well. This kind of roles are tailor made for one and only Shiva. His dialogue delivery, reactions, body language adds advantage to the flick. The humor Shiva had in his dialogue ads more advantage to the movie.

Vasundhara Kashyap As Anjali – Vasundhara has done her role very well and for a beginner this will be apt for her to begin her carrier as a lead lady.

Sam Anderson – The man when comes off in screen, audience will immediately will have a laugh out loud moment.

Technical Aspects :

Music by Yathish Mahadev – Songs are the biggest let down for this flick while his BGM saved the musical part.

Cinematography by Saravanan – He has done an awesomatic work adding some colourfull visuals on humour celluloid.

Editing by T S Suresh – With flawless editing work he turns out to be the biggest positive asset of this flick.


Krishnan Jayaraj have utilized Shiva and given away a with full of wonderful humor. He has even utilized the rest of characters too and proved he is former associate of C.S.Amudhan of Thamizh Padam fame.

Overall Effectiveness Of The Film: 

Sonna Puriyadhu – It’s for all who loves to watch Shiva and his humor roles.