Spider Man No Way Home Movie Review

Spider-Man: No Way Home Movie Review

Spider-Man: No Way Home Movie Review

Finally, the wait is over and the big day for the diehard fans of Spider-Man franchise has arrived. Yes, if you’re some from the Indian Territory, you’re lucky enough to witness the release of Spider-Man: No Way Home to experience the magical epic a day prior to many other countries. Yeah! There are lots of elements that kept the fans waiting for a long time. The main reason being the super villains from the previous Spider Man installments making their appearance and there are lots more indeed.

Okay! The entire world knows what the plot of this new outing from Spider-Man franchise is all about.

Peter Parker is unhappy with the fact that the entire world has got to know his hidden Superhero identity of Spider Man. He approached Doctor Strange to perform some magical miracle that will make the globe forget this identity. Of course, Spider Man is elated to have it endowed from Doctor Strange, but the actual upheavals kick-open now that leads the protagonist and his friends into uncalled-for turmoil.

As abovementioned, what kept us so much intact and engrossed over our expectations was the coming back of Super villains. However, it’s just the characters played by Jamie Fox and Alfred that gains our attention. It would have been better if the other villains had little more substantial approach in writing. If you’re looking out for anything on the negative side, there isn’t much to bring up. The first hour has conversational elements dominating the action sequences, which is okay. But then, the actual magical celebrations begin by the second hour, where the action and adventure episodes turn to be an unbelievable treat for the audiences. If you’re looking out for the best cherry-picks among the action blocks, it’s the one over the bridge and another one, by the penultimate to climax sequence.

Getting on with the performance, it’s an enthralling show by Tom Holland, Zendaya, David Cumberbatch, Jamie Fox, and others.

If you’re a hardcore fan of Spider-Man franchise, then this is the best among the installments featuring Tom Holland in the lead role. And if you’re new to this world, no worries, it’s best to start with a visually magical show as it proves worthy for the tickets you bought.

Spider-Man: No Way Home Movie Review
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Verdict: A Magical treat for Spider-Man fans. Of course, the best among the franchise till date.

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