Thalaivii Movie Review

Thalaivii Movie Review

Thalaivii Movie Review

Lots of buzzes and announcements were tagged to the biopic on Former Late CM J Jayalalitha, and finally, director Vijay got lucky to spearhead the show. With a web series ‘Queen’ by Gautham Vasudev Menon and ‘The Iron Lady’ yet to be materialized featuring Nithya Menon in the lead role turning the theme hackneyed, Thalaivii gets released tomorrow worldwide.

The film opens with a controversial incident that shook the entire Tamil Nadu, which happened more than a couple of decades ago. J Jaya (Kangana Ranaut) questions the ruling party leader MK (Nasser) and she is harassed by his men, which leads her to make a vow that she will step onto this fort after being enthroned as the Chief Minister. The story travels back to the point of how it all started. From being a successful actress to getting acquainted with MGR (Arvind Swami), her ups and downs in the personal, professional, and political front.

So what’s the cherry-pick in Thalaivii? Obviously, the stellar performances of actors and the way, the characterizations have been depicted. Kangana Ranaut has breathed intensely upon the character of J Jaya, which even lets some minuses in the narrative part vaporize into thin air. The next one to steal the spotlights is Aravind Swami, which is neat and commendable. Besides, Samuthirakani as RMV is the showstopper and it is loudly evident that he will win accolades for his performance. Nasser as MK gives a laudable show.

Well, if you’re looking out for the minus, there isn’t much to point out. However, the story takes some time to settle into the premise. The initial moments are invested into the portions involving the shooting of MGR-Jaya films, which to a certain extent, hampers the progression. However, the screenwriting gets intense with the second half and there’s no speed breaker anywhere.

Technically, the efficient works of cinematographer Nirav Shah are worthy of appreciation. GV Prakash’s BGM elevates many sequences on emotional aspects. Disappointingly, songs don’t impress us.

Thalaivii is a decent attempt by director Vijay and his team of writers, actors, and technicians.

Thalaivii Movie Review
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Verdict – Strong characterizations and stellar performances make the movie impressive

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