Thandatti Movie Review

Thandatti Movie Review

Thandatti Movie Review

Well, the tale of Thandatti might look simple, but the treatment given by director Ram Sangaiah, takes us for a pleasant experience. Thandatti is all about a constable, who is soon getting retired, assigned a case in which he must find a pair of stolen gold earrings that were once owned by a deceased woman. Village based stories with simple tales and riveting narration have never missed to steal the spotlights in the theaters. Significantly, Thandatti, directed by Ram Sangaiah owns the unique traits of clasping an important position in this league.

The film opens with constable Subramani (Pasupathy), who will be soon retiring having his routine life. He has few complications in his job that engulfs the hatred from his senior officials, who dislike him for his way of approaching the situations differently, and the second reason being the entire town of Kidaripatti considering police as the evildoers. It is all of a sudden that Thangaponnu (Rohini), a surviving mother of four daughters and a son, goes missing. Thangaponnu, who was forced to leave her hometown by greedy daughters and an alcoholic son, was struggling all these years.

Having said that the genre of this film is ‘Drama’, the respective audience will definitely have some patience to let the story settle down after establishing the characters and premise. Ram Sangaiah’s bet on this is worthy of appreciations, and yes, it might take some time to get settled with the backdrop, and sooner, we get commuted to the world of ‘Thandatti’. To be precise, the actual drama begins during the post-intermission phase, and the entire process of searching for the earrings has been narrated with hilarious moments. The backstory connecting the importance of the earrings is appreciable too. On the flip side, we tend to notice some connecting dots aren’t convincing, and they could have been fine-tuned and written properly. However, these elements don’t show up as a flaw. The characters are neatly written, and the actors have done justice to their respective roles. Especially, Vivek Prasanna as an alcoholic character gives sumptuous life to his role. The others in the star cast including Deepa Shankar, Janaki, Semmalar Annam and Poovitha have given their best. Pasupathi is main highlight when it comes to performances, who delivers a naturalistic approach to his character.

When it comes to the technical aspects, it’s a passable work from the team, and the film scores more in the narrative aspects than the technical part.

On the whole, ‘Thandatti’ is a passable entertainer, and it deserves a watch, if you’re looking out for some good time-pass entertainer.

Thandatti Movie Review
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Verdict: Filmmaker Ram Sangaiah’s riveting narration and neat performances of actors make Thandatti, a worth watchable film.

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