Thanga Magan Movie Review

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Thanga Magan Movie Review

Written & Direction : Velraj
Producer : Dhanush | G. N. Anbu Chezhiyan
Cast : Dhanush | Samantha | Amy Jackson
Music : Anirudh Ravichander
Cinematography : A. Kumaran
Editing : M. V. Rajesh Kumar
Production company : Wunderbar Films | Gopuram Films
Distribution : Sri Green Productions
Running Time : 122 minutes

Team VIP is back with a bang. Film is all about the story of a young common man Tamizh, his first love, break up, pain, marriage and family. Main plot revolves around, what happens when an unexpected incident happens to Tamizh’s father, how does it impact Tamizh’s routine life and how he overcomes from this situation.

Terrific performance by Dhanush as Tamizh, as a teenager in first half and a family man in second half he simply nailed it. Perfect variation between two getups.His expressions are outstanding in each and every scene. Performance in the the very first scene after he drunk is just a sample. Dhanush carries the movie single handedly. A pure one man show.

Dual heroines, Samantha and Amy Jackson. Amy as Tamizh’s first love, her expressions are cute, but performance wise still she has long way to go.Samantha steals the show as Tamizh’s wife. But her own voice dubbing is not a good decision. Sathish’s comedy scenes with Dhanush are complete laugh riot.

K S Ravikumar as Tamizh’s father, one of the finest actor. Wonderful performance, he emotes really well. A cake walk role for Radhika as Tamizh’s mother. Other cast includes Seetha, Jayaprakash and M S Bhaskar. M.S.Bhaskar has been wasted in this worthless role. Baddie role characterization is not so strong and creates less impact. Velaraj has done a cameo.

Rockstar Anirudh has composed the music. Unlike VIP, his BGM and songs are not so impressive. Total 4 songs in the album with 2 catchy melodies. Perfect caption for all the songs. First song ‘Oh Oh.. – First love of Tamizh’, then ‘Tak bak’ with a lip lock, followed by ‘Enna sola… – New life of Tamizh’ and finally the melodious ‘Jodi Nilave… – Pain of Tamizh’ in Dhanush’s voice.

Film is technically strong with perfect cinematography from A.Kumaran and editing by M.V.Rajesh kumar. Biggest strength of the movie is its duration, film is just crisp 2 hrs. Climax fight sequence has been choreographed well. All the songs flows along with the scenes and no separate duet tracks. Picturisation of the songs should be appreciable.

Directed by Cinematographer cum Ace director Velraj. Screenplay is the key. Though the story was a thin line, he presented it in a brilliant way.First half was fun filled with lot of comedies, second half was more emotional and dramatical. Dialogues are important enough to be noticed.He has made a cameo appearance. There are no mass scenes like VIP. Main highlights of the movie are national award winner Dhanush’s flawless performance, the feel good and emotional family sequences, Dhanush-Sathish comedy scenes and Dialogues. Slow moving second half and the antagonist role are the negligible drawbacks.Overall its a simple movie which is worth watch.

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