Thanga Meenkal Movie Review

Cast - Ram, Baby Sadhana, Shelly Kishore, Rohini, Padmapriya, Poo Ramu and more
Music - Yuvan Shankar Raja
Cinematographer - Arbhindu Saaraa
Editing - Sreekar Prasad
Story , Screenplay , Direction - Ram

Story/Plot :

After pretty much delay with release, finally here comes the “Thanga Meenkal” which is pretty ordinary story but making of the film works big time in every frame. The wait has been paid off and turned out to be an “epic” movie of Indian cinema. The genuine film making of Ram has very well portrayed the tale of Father (Kalyani) – Daughter (Chellamma) relationship. The struggles he has faced in giving education to her daughter has been well portrayed in it.

Character/Acting :

Ram as Kalyani – Brilliant performed the role with very realistic and done it perfectly.

Baby Sadhana as Chellamma – Tamil cinema pockets another brilliant child performer after Baby Sarah and she has been a pillar for the movie along with Ram.

Shelly Kishore as Vadivu – Good performance from debut actress who has played a mother role of Chellama.

Padmapriya as Elvita – She has done a very good extended cameo and Ram has well utilized her in it.

Technical Aspects :

Music by Yuvan Shankar Raja – Yuvan music has been very breezy from the beginning till the end with his apt BGM and the melodies track never lets you out from the movie.

Cinematography by Arbhindu Saaraa – The way he has shot the mountain and every scene in his eye is just amazing and stunning in every frame.

Editing by A. Sreekar Prasad – With his clean and sharp editing has portrayed story well in short and sweet letting you never get bored at any situation.


After “Katradhu Tamizh”  he is right back in track with yet another story and screenplay which is the biggest asset of him. He has well portrayed the story bringing out the current education system. He has given a life to all the characters in the story and with clear narration made it outstanding from all.

Overall Effectiveness Of The Film: 

Everyone must watch this movie which makes you smile, cry, enjoy the story that Ram has for you. It will also make you feel proud for having this kinda movie in our Tamil Cinema too.

Plus – Ram (Director & Actor) , Baby Sadhana , Yuvan Musical , Flawless Editing , Cinematography, Dialogues

Minus – The one who misses to watch in Theater.

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