The Warriorr Movie Review

The Warriorr Movie Review

The Warriorr Movie Review

Filmmaker Lingusamy’s directorial resurrection has been a much-awaited moment from a very long time. The filmmaker’s outstanding entertainers like Anandham, Run and Sandakozhi still keeps him under the radar of audience attention despite his consistent flops. The expectations over his latest outing ‘The Warriorr’ have been very much high due to various reasons. From the ‘Bullet Song’ to the handsome Ram-gorgeous Krithi Shetty and Devi Sri Prasad’s next biggie after ‘Pushpa’, there have been many factors contributing to the high-level anticipations.

Let us check out how well the movie keeps engaging.

Set across the backdrops of Madurai, we see Sathya (Ram Pothineni), a handsome house surgeon along with his mother (Nadhiya) from Chennai, where he comes to know about the gruesome ruffian Guru (Aadhi Pinisetty). While combating the worst deeds of the antagonist, Ram is beaten black and blue almost to death. After 2 years, we see Sathya, as the newly appointed Deputy Superintendent of Police, who comes back to Madurai to settle the scores with Guru.

What’s the issue with Lingusamy is the earnest outcry that his diehard fan would like to yell out while watching this movie. The ace commercial filmmaker, who has got a good proficiency in delivering best entertainers, struggles to deliver a laudable work here. The story is too predictable and that’s okay, but the narrative process leaves us completely disappointed. The first hour is too lazy and just as you think that second hour has lots of promising moments, you’re disappointed again.

Actor Ram’s performance is highly energetic, and he doesn’t miss to give his best in all the scenes. Aadhi is the actual showstopper, who exerts so much of efforts into the role. Kriti Shetty is an absolute disappointment. She has a lot of time to improvise her performances, especially dance, lots of effort is needed from the actress. Nadhiya, Jayaprakash and others are okay. The biggest problem with Warriorr is that it owns a bunch of promising actors, but with weak characterizations, they remain unnoticed. Musical score by Devi Sri Prasad is good, and the songs are definitely, a good treat for the audiences.

On the whole, ‘The Warrior’ had brimmed us with lots of huge expectations, only to end up as a disappointment. The movie has dearth of exciting and engaging scenes, where audience are easily pushed to the domain of boredom.

The Warriorr Movie Review
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Verdict: Fails to engage audience with its predictable storyline and lazy screenplay.

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