Theal Movie Review

Theal Movie Review

Theal Movie Review

Choreographer-actor Harikumar’s directorial ‘Theal’ features Prabhu Deva in the lead role. Kaala fame Eswari Rao plays an important character in this film, which is produced by K.E. Gnanavel Raja of Studio Green Films. The film features Samyuktha Hegde in the female lead role, and Yogi Babu appears as the comedian.

The film revolves around a ruffian like man (Prabhu Deva), whose job is to collect the money lend on interest. He is seen as a rough-and-tough guy. His life goes on a loop mode, until one day, he encounters a middle-aged woman (Eeswari Rao). She claims to be his mother, who left him when he was born.

Obviously, what you would expect us to tell next is that – What unfolds next is told in entertaining-emotional-gripping-or-whatever manner, right?

But the blatant statement is that audience would definitely get perplexed on where’s the story actually proceeding towards. The biggest question that many would have ask themselves while walking out of the theaters is that why Kollywood is running behind Prabhu Deva? Is it because his movies are getting a good price with dubbed versions in satellite channels? This is a humble request to Prabhu Deva himself. He was once a star on par with the A-league actors like Ajith Kumar, Vijay (During late 90s), but now to see him in such disappointing movies really eclipses the films of those period. Director Harikumar fails to keep up the writing in an effective manner. Eeswari Rao and Prabhu Deva deliver a good job in performance, but what can they do when their characterizations and script are writing badly. Samyuktha Hegde and Yogi Babu have nothing to perform.

When the encountering between mother and son happens, we do expect some emotional and engaging elements would follow. However, we are disappointed to the core, of not finding them anywhere till the final credits.

Theal Movie Review
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Verdict: Theal is a disappointing fare that doesn’t impress audiences anywhere in the movie.

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