Thirunaal Movie Review

Thirunaal Movie Review.

Cast: Jiiva, Nayanthara , Meenakshi, Gopinath, Karunas
Editing: VT Vijayan
Cinematography: Mahesh Muthuswami
Written by: Ramnath
Music director: Srikanth Deva
Cinematography: Mahesh Muthuswami
Production Company: Kodhandapani Films
Director: Ramnath

Few years back Jiiva intentionally landed up with a hardcore Masala film ‘Thennavattu’, which somehow managed to spin some decorous collections. It was merely due to the aggressive marketing of Sun Pictures and of course, there was some drama that could engross rural and sub-urban audiences. But it lets us puzzled on what actually made Jiiva pick up such a film that hardly boasts of at least couple of engaging scenes. Throughout the film we find the roughnecks and gangsters smoking and boozing. Maybe, if someone with hilarious touch had directed this film, the protagonist and antagonist need not even try their fists on combat. With these characters involved in excessive smoking and boozing, they themselves would be knocked off with cancer if the film was extended for yet another 25 minutes.

A plot is set around Blade (Jiiva), who is so much loyal to a gangster, who is the most dreaded personality in Tanjore-Kumbakonam region. The gangster partner’s daughter Vidya (Nayantara) falls for Blade and then things go awry with unexpected conflicts and confrontations. Meanwhile, a cop (Neeya Naana Gopinath) arrives in town and makes a smart plan to put an end to the roughnecks.

Really wondering what actually Ramnath is trying to convey in this movie. You’re about to lightly grasp what’s the film’s storyline only after intermission and that too it becomes a copycat of yesteryear movies. How could Jiiva being a cognizant actor and of course hailing from a family of reputed producer could take up such a flimsy film that has no soul to captive any bunch of audiences. Nayantara has nothing much to perform in the film other than running across the streets and fields with traditional attires. Neeya Naana Gopinath arrives as a tough cop and the very next scene poses in the same way as in his TV reality show. Karunaas has now become a mandatory factor in almost all the films, but his characterization is so weak.

Director Ramnath has completely wasted this great opportunity. In spite of getting a decent star-cast like Jiiva and Nayantara, he just offers a mediocre and boring drama, which doesn’t engage in any episodes. Technically, the film is so poor except few scenic visuals canned by cinematographer.

On the whole, Thirunaal is a film that keeps testing your patience from beginning till end and leaves you restless towards the end.

  • Thirunaal Movie Review


An outdated film that lacks engagement throughout show

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