Thunivu Movie Review

Thunivu Movie Review

Thunivu Movie Review

Money Heist, Mankatha-2 and lots more comparisons and assumptions brimmed up the league of AK fans. Courtesy the visual promos, the stylish conman avatar of AK, the gun shots, bank hostage scenario and lot more presumptions kept the pre-release phase brewing. Finally, what you get out of the whole movie? Thunivu marks the collaboration of Vinoth and Ajith Kumar for the third time (Nerkonda Paarvai & Valimai).

The film opens with team of burglars headed by mastermind cop (Ajay) who break into a bank to loot a whopping money of 500Cr, only to find a white bearded gigantic man (Ajith Kumar) have an aplomb moment inside. Sooner, it is revealed that he has already made a masterplan to scoop away a much bigger amount 25,000Cr. Then begins the nick-of-time thriller, where the police and military forces arrive, politicians get into the picture, and the tycoons too. So, what’s the true picture behind all these drama forms the crux of this story.

Director Vinoth’s ideas have always been worthy of appreciations. From his directorial debut ‘Sathuranga Vettai’, followed by ‘Theeran’ and ‘Valimai’, the core themes have always been unique and outstanding. With ‘Thunivu’, he showcases yet another intriguing theme, which will be an eye-opener. In fact, none of our Indian filmmakers have chosen this subject. Vinoth deserves special appreciations for this effort. Ajith Kumar’s screen presence is amazing, and it makes up for 50% entertainment for the fans. The other 50% comes from the screenplay, other characters.

The action sequences are brilliantly choreographed. The cinematography is good. BGM by Ghibran is outstanding

Overall, Thunivu is a masterpiece from Vinoth with Ajith Kumar nailing it down perfectly in every single scene.

Thunivu Movie Review
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Verdict: Racy moments, AK’s screen presence and eye-opening subject makes it a commendable one.

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