Tuck Jagadish Movie Review

Tuck Jagadish Movie Review

Tuck Jagadish Movie Review

As we look into the plot Tuck Jagdish (Nani) is the youngest son of Aadisesh Naidu’s (Nasser) Family. He’s adored by his father, step mother and four siblings. His brother Bose babu whose (Jagapathi babu) plan is to take over all the properties of the family and Bhudevi puram has a long history of violence by killing each other over the ancestral lands. Same happens in the Tuck Jagdish’s family. Will he able to solve this and change his brother’s mind to join with the family is what the Tuck Jagdish gives us as a two and half hours long & uninteresting watch.

An important scene that involves Nasser which meant to turn the plot around comes abruptly and leaves no impact. There’s a Story behind the tuckered shirt & Tuck Jagdish name which comes after the remotely believable twist at the interval.

Shiva Nirvana who gave two memorable love dramas (Majili, Ninnukori) has tried this formulaic family entertainer which suffers without any solid Emotional scenes.

Also the dialogues & Nani’s mannerisms at some places were taken too far which dilutes the belivablity factor. Gopi Sundar’s BGM doesn’t add any value to the story.

Again Nani is the only savior of the film. After some point even he couldn’t save the film from falling apart because of the bland narration in the second half. Thaman’s songs were good & he Could’ve done the background score as well. Good supporting actors like Nasser and Rao ramesh doesn’t have much scope to perform.

Aishwarya rajesh’s portions might remind you of her role in “Namma Veetu Pillai”. Jagapathy babu did a fine job and infact he is the heart of the film. Daniel balaji was decent as a typical villain. There are two highlight scenes in second half (farm field fight & one Emotional scene) which Nani scored well.

Tuck Jagadish Movie Review
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Verdict : Overall an average family drama which doesn’t impress us like many other telugu family movies we’ve seen over the years.

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