Udanpirappe Movie Review

Udanpirappe Movie Review

Udanpirappe Movie Review

There’s always a positive aspect when a filmmaker or actor comes up with a rural based movie. Despite the formulas inclined to this domain are stereotypical, they somehow work out magic with the entertaining and emotional aspects. Naturally, take a glimpse of rural based movies in Tamil industry made over past couple of years. It would be nothing but a feud between two families, brother-sister sibling affection, or a family getting reunited due to the lovers.

Udanpirappae as the visual promos have already established is a tale of brother-sister emotional drama. But guess what turns out to be a disappointment is the tedious screenplay and flimsy package. The first and foremost question that any audience would ask halfway through the movie is ‘Why Jyothika chose to be a part of this movie?’ She appears only in limited scenes and her appearance doesn’t suit to the rural role. Sorry to say! Jyothika has the potential to easily score brownie points in any given character, but this one is a blatant disappointment. We are even pushed to the doubtful domain of who to blame – Director Era. Saravanan or Jyotika? She is the producer of this film along with her husband-actor Suriya. Her climax act in the movie doesn’t surprise us we have come across a similar instance in Vikram Prabhu’s Pulikuthi Pandi.

Okay! We are sure that you all know the story. Sasikumar and Jyotika is brother-sister and Samuthirakani is the latter’s husband. Although Sasikumar and Samuthirakani have good ideologies to spread and preach, their way of approach differs that leads to conflicts between them. The entire movie is about the emotional journey of these characters.

Sasikumar never misses to take cakewalk in the village based characters and so is Samuthirakani. Especially, when they are given the roles that involve preaching and Saviour of the masses, they look excited. So is this movie. Jyotika’s performance is not appreciable. Soori’s comedy track works out although they are time-worn. After a certain extent, you start believing that it’s Soori who is managing to hold the narration intact, such is the boring screenplay. D Imman is the showstopper here. His dedication is absolutely great, where he never misses to exhibit his musical prowess in rerecording, even for the tedious scenes.

Overall, Udanpirappae has powerhouse talents, but with yet more engaging screenplay would have made it a beautiful entertainer.

Udanpirappe Movie Review
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Verdict: A promising star-cast wasted with old-patterned story and flimsy screenplay

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