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Unakenna Venum Sollu Songs Review

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Songs Review

Cast : Deepak paramesh | Jaqlene Prakash
Production : Juna Pictures
Producers : N. Shanmuga Sundaram | K. Mohamed Yasin
Screenplay & Direction : Srinath Ramalingam
Cinematographer : Manish Murthy
Music : Siva Saravanan

1. Pei Hit
Singers: Vel Murugan
Lyrics: Shrenik Viswanathan

Begins beautifully in traditional udukai and slow transformation to a foot-tapping beats which comes till the end with variations on the flow. Whole lyrics about the old beliefs of ghosts and measures people take. Length of the song is too high and towards the end, it feels like too much noisy and the dialogue portions at the end could have been trimmed a bit.

Unakkenna Venum Sollu Songs Review

2. Enakkul Unarum Ondru
Singers: Haricharan
Lyrics: GKB

A solo melody with subtle singing from Haricharan. Interlude portions and piano are mesmerizing additions to the song. High tone towards the end and the blending bgm takes it to a level. Instant likable song to say at least.

Unakkenna Venum Sollu Songs Review

3. Neengathe En Kanaavai
Singers: Swetha Mohan
Lyrics: Shrenik Viswanathan

A slow phased beginning with swetha’s hunting voice and mild music which then takes the tempo open up loudly specially the vizhakolam lines is the highlight of the song and the beauty is, it repeats with flute music which is too good.

Unakkenna Venum Sollu Songs Review

4. Twinke Twinkle
Singers: Sree Mahathi | Simma Vaahini Bhayam | Subaraghav Hari | Sarveshvar Sai

Thematic song with ghost touches and the chorus portions rendered in a grand manner. Crisp yet attains the needed flavor for the theme.

Unakkenna Venum Sollu Songs Review

5. Unnale Kandene
Singers: Haricharan
Lyrics: GKB

Haricharan, this time with open singing for a bit song with simple chord progression and keyboard mixed well which is pleasant to hear.

Unakkenna Venum Sollu Songs Review

6. Chain of Events

Instrumental theme music which begins slowly and blow up big which sounds like in search for something.

Unakkenna Venum Sollu Songs Review

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UVS – A refreshing melody album with spooky elements

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