Uppu Karuvadu Movie Review

Uppu Karuvadu Movie Review

Director : Radha Mohan
Producer : Ramjee Narasiman
Cast : Nandita Swetha | Karunakaran
Music : Steeve Vatz
Cinematography : Mahesh Muthuswami
Editer : T. S. Jay
Production company : First Copy Pictures | Night Show Cinema
Distribution : Auraa Cinemas
Running Time : 142 mins

Filmmakers and their tribulations while making a film that might sound hilarious to the senses when perceived as a show work, but in reality has an emotional drench. Uppu Karvadu is a hilarious drama starring Karunakaran and Nanditha in lead roles with an interesting bunch of actors. Radha Mohan, a filmmaker with insatiable affair for humour never misses to blend with his tales, which could be even an emotional family drama like Abhiyum Naanum or even a hardcore action thriller like ‘Payanam’. This time, picking up a film industry as backdrop, he tries to amalgamate humour and emotions accordingly.

What brings forth a stream of high attraction is the characters you see, which might reflect your own pals or someone in your neighbourhood, office when they try to irk you in the name of advise and suggestions. Especially, it turns to be more apparent in the film industry, where story discussions sometimes can become more ridiculous.

Karunakaran plays a filmmaker, whose previous two films were dropped halfway and he has lost all his hopes, when a fish export baron (MS Bhaskar) comes forward to produce a film, but on one condition. His daughter (Nanditha) should be the heroine. Surrounded by a bunch of friends, who sometimes console and at other times play a funny havoc in his script, will Karunakaran accomplish with his dreams forms crux of this story.

Since, the actors should have had a long experience with such realistic issues in the filmmaking process; they seemingly have imparted a much pragmatic approach in their performance. Everyone in the frame exert a neat and beautiful performance. Karunakaran, who was ever since regarded as just a comedy actor, suddenly surprises you with an emotional breakout by the penultimate sequence of verbally trashing down a bigwig over ban of films. Nanditha has impulsively generated a stupendous performance as a innocent, amateurish girl and a serious character artiste… Chaams, Marimuthu and ‘Daddy Enakku Oru Doubt’ fame duo give the best piece of humorous spell.

Musical score is good in parts, but the songs stand nowhere close to the screenplay. Cinematography in the backdrops of sun scorching beaches could be a tougher job, but the cameraman has managed to capture some visually elegant shots.

Uppu Karuvadu is a film that can kill your time with some enjoyable moments and you can doubtlessly book tickets for your family.

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Verdict: Engrossingly sangfroid with enjoyable moments.

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