Vadakkupatti Ramasamy Movie Review

Vadakkupatti Ramasamy Movie Review

Karthik Yogi and Santhanam have joined forces once again following their collaboration on ‘Dikiloona’ for the film ‘Vadakkupatti Ramasamy’. Prior to its release, the film became embroiled in controversy and became a hot topic on social media. Following the success of ‘A1’, this movie, which stars Santhanam, Maran, and Seshu from the ‘Lollu Sabha’ team, has once again delivered guaranteed laughter to the audience.

Ramasamy, a potter residing in the village of Vadakkupatti, had a challenging upbringing marked by poverty, which led him to lose faith in God. However, an unexpected incident occurred when one of Santhanam’s pots accidentally struck a person believed to be a vampire. This incident sparked a newfound reverence among the villagers, who began to view the pot as a divine deity. Recognizing the power of people’s faith, Ramasamy cleverly constructed a small temple using the pot and started generating income from it. Unfortunately, a conflict arose between Santhanam and the Tahsildar (Tamil) regarding the seizure of properties belonging to the temple, resulting in the temple being sealed. Was the temple reopened? What happened after this? ‘Vadakupatti Ramasamy’ is narrated with some exciting moments.

Santhanam’s transition to a full-time hero in films didn’t yield successful results for many of his projects. Fans of Santhanam walk into the theatres for his movies with the earnest hope of getting their funny bones tickled with at least few uproarious comedy sequences, but not those action-packed encounters with the antagonists, and charming interactions with the leading lady. Movies like A1, Dhillukku Dhuddu and DD Returns belong to this league, and now Vadakkupatti Ramasamy joins them.

The First half of the movie is filled with numerous uproarious and exciting instances. Specifically, there are sequences where Santhanam, Seshu, and Maran team up and infiltrate the residence of army major Ravi with the intention of spreading the ‘Madras Eye’ ailment to their village. Despite the scene’s length, it remains vibrant and energetic throughout. The film is thoroughly enjoyable from the beginning until the intermission, with no dull moments. In addition to Santhanam, the collaboration between Maran and Seshu, Ravi Maria, John Vijay, Cool Suresh, and Shadows Ravi contribute to the progression of the story.

The characterisation of Nizhalgal Ravi is so nice, where he talks seriously, but there is humour spread in the theatres. However, the characterisation of MS Bhaskar is quite confusing. We start getting perplexed, if his character is hilarious or serious one. Megha Akash ensures justice for the given role. second half, Mottai Rajendran and his gang give some stellar performances in the second half although they have limited screen time.

The entire first half is completely loaded with fun, and the actual conflict begins only by the second half, where the sudden transition in to the serious premise leaves us confused, and odd. There remains a lot of confusion among the audiences where it is a comedy, spiritual or social message oriented film. Director Karthik Yogi could have handled it properly. Sean Roldan’s background music is attention-grabbing. But songs are not appealing. Deepak’s cinematography, Sivanandeeswaran’s editing and Rajesh’s art direction are appreciable.

On the whole, Vadakkupatti Ramasamy offers wholesome entertainment with fun, and some good plot, which will make audiences walk out of the theaters with satisfaction.

Vadakkupatti Ramasamy Movie Review
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Verdict: A Perfect Hilarious Entertainer that is worth watching

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