Vallavanukku Pullum Aayudham Movie Review

Cast - Santhanam , Ashna Zaveri , Mirchi Senthil , Nagineedu , Ravi Prakash , VTV Ganesh , Rajakumaran , Siddharth Vipin , Powerstar Srinivasan (Cameo)
Music - Siddharth Vipin
Cinematographer - Shakthi & Richard M. Nathan
Editing - Sai Kant
Story, Direction - Srinath

Story/Plot :

Shakthi (Santhanam) is a hard-working youngster from Chennai. He is forced to visit his village in Arayangaadu to sell off his land so that he can invest that money to buy an auto for water can supply. On his way to village he meets a beautiful girl Vaanathi (Ashna Zaveri). RAYOR (Nagineedu) is a landlord in that village and is obsessed with providing great hospitality to his guests.

Due to certain circumstances, Shakthi goes to the house of Rayor as a guest and Vaanathi is the daughter of Rayor. Rayor in the past had few family feuds with Shakthi’s family. Shakthi is not aware of this flashback. Since Rayor is known for his hospitality, he doesn’t want to kill Shakthi while he stays in his house. The rest of the story is all about how Shakthi escapes from his death trap.

Character/Acting :

Santhanam as Shakthi – We have always seen Santhanam doing slap-stick comedy with into-your-face antics in his past movies. He is completely fresh and acted like a normal actor in Vallavanukku Pullum Aayudham. He gave a natural and controlled performance. It is tough job and Santhanam perfectly executes it. His dances are amazing in two songs and his body language during dances.

Ashna Zaveri as Vaanathi – Ashna Zaveri made refreshing debut in this movie. She is pretty good and her performance in climax is excellent.

Nagineedu As Rayor – Nagineedu impresses with his looks, voice and acting , hope he do more Tamil films in future.

Technical Aspects :

Music by Siddharth Vipin : I should give 25% of the credit for the feel in the movie to the back ground score. But all songs in this movie are really not good.

Cinematography by Shakthi & Richard M. Nathan : They did their job neatly and perfect.

Editing by Sai Kant : Editing is not effective he should care more in future projects.


Director Srinath, missed the punch to deliver the full commercial meals in second half but first half well maintained because of Santhanam’s show stealing performance and few comedy tracks.

Overall Effectiveness Of The Film: 

Vallavanukku Pullum Aayudham - First half Santhanam is a weapon, second half audience patience is a weapon.

Our rating ––>  2.5/5

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