Vasantha Mullai Movie Review

Vasantha Mullai Movie Review

Vasantha Mullai Movie Review

National award-winning actor Bobby Simha has significantly kept exhibiting his acting prowess in different roles. His recent release ‘Vasantha Mullai’ is something different from what he had done so far.

The film is about the protagonist (Bobby Simha), who is overstressed with his work life in software industry. He decides to take off for a break with his girlfriend (Kashmira Pardeshi) and leaves for a hill station. While returning back, both decide to spend the night at a motel room, and enter a place called ‘Vasantha Mullai’, where he starts witnessed weird things. After a certain point of time, his very own existence is questioned, and does he manage to tackle the odds out and get out of the troubled water forms the crux.

Director Ramanan has penned a screenplay that offers us lots of twists and turn. What initially looks like a time loop, later throws an ultimate surprise by the end of the show. He needs special mention for investing his enthusiastic energy into such a screenplay.

Be it casting, the art department, cinematography and especially music, the making of the film, surely impresses us to a greater extent.

Bobby Simha has always been complained of mimicking the mannerism of Superstar Rajinikanth, and with more scrutinizing efforts, has shed it accordingly. In this movie, he has completely drawn into the role of ‘Rudran’, and has exhibited a laudable performance. Kashmira, who usually tries to impress audiences with her glamorous appeal continues to do the same here, but only to a certain extent. She has given a good performance as a spouse, who struggles to save her husband from a serious situation.

Although Actor Arya appears only in a couple of scenes, he has delivered a mature and commendable performance. Kochu Preman, who appears as the receptionist in the motel, and actor Sarath Babu as doctor, have done their portions well.

The software industry belongs to a much complex and complicated zone, and the director has showcased the issues from the medical perspective in this movie, which definitely needs special mention. The entire team is worthy of appreciations for their efforts.