Vedalam Movie Review

Written & Direction : Siva
Producer : S. Aishwarya
Cast : Ajith | Shruti Haasan | Lakshmi Menon | Ashwin Kakumanu | Kabir Duhan Singh
Music : Anirudh Ravichander
Cinematography : Vetri
Editing : Ruben
Production Company : Shri Sai Raam Creations
Running Time : 152 mins
Release Date : 10th November 2015

Certain times, there are few films that get beyond reviews and of course, the situation goes this way. You’re least bothered to glimpse on the reviews and one thing you want to be sure about the film is that does it satisfy you wholeheartedly making the tickets you bought worth. Vedalam is an out and out entertainer, where you need to keep looking out for rational thinking. Let us bring up the verdict or final word by the very beginning of this review. It’s a movie that you can sit back, relax and watch enjoying the commercial ingredients. While Siruthai Siva had packaged his previous outing ‘Veeram’ with Ajith Kumar that had a blend of action, romance, family sentiments and lots more to do with humour, this film isn’t an exception as Vedalam carries the same substantial elements that are necessary for the commercial film lovers to enjoy.

The film holds a simple plot where Ajith Kumar is seen as a cab driver landing up in Kolkata along with his younger sister (Lakshmi Menon). Both the brother and sister get acquainted there with the new locality. When the entire network of Kolkata police insists the cab drivers in the city to help them nab the most notorious criminals across the city, Ajith Kumar gets into the picture of getting it done and from there; the story takes a turn with unexpected twists and surprises.

Instantly, there are few points that grab our attention while watching Vedalam and first among them are Ajith Kumar’s mannerisms, body language and a surprisal performance. He has always been looked upon as a charming macho with charismatic appeal. It was long back in time we happened to see such a performance in villain. Secondly, It’s the sentimental quotients that works out some magic. On the flip side, it looks as though the scenes could have been limited to a certain magnitude. The first 30 minutes is actually scripted for some commercial aspects, but the actual twists that happen with the protagonist transformation is stupendous that leaves theaters in astonishment…. Lakshmi Menon gets a substantial role after her debut film kumki. Much more than performance, the screenplay is what it gets us engaged. Shruthi Haasan has an ordinary role to perform and her sudden change of dubbing in second half could have been avoided. The hilarious portions by Soori are just okay and Naan Kadavul Rajendran is just limited to only few scenes. The second half gets with emotional moments and again Siruthai Siva has taken scrutinizing efforts in utilizing Ajith Kumar with heroic touch. The surprising transformation in cruise attack followed by intermission sequence of Kannamoochi Re Re and the climax act is fantabulous.

The background score by Anirudh is the greatest plus and especially in action sequences, he has blasted the enthralling music. Cinematography is appreciable during the cruise scene where we find muscles flexing up. Yet another highlight in the film is that even the baddies praise the protagonist.

To wrap up with Vedalam is mass entertainer that offers best moments not alone for Ajith fans but for family audiences as well.