Vedalam Music Review

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Ajith Kumar fans are ready to celebration anything that comes to the stores and the recent topic is all about the grand success of Vedalam. With the most fascinating personalities like Ajith Kumar and Anirudh coming together for a film, the red carpets spread out have been tremendous. We bring you the exclusive music review of Vedalam now with a vivid analysis.

Veera Vinayaka
Singers: Anirudh and Vishal Dadlani
Lyrics: Viveka

Veera Vinayaka
Veera Vinayaka

The song sounds like a introduction track for Ajith Kumar that is set in the backdrops of a festival day of Lord Ganesha. The instrumentals and composing by Anirudh gives a complete feel of festival and with the visuals, it would surely get more acquainted with the audiences. Moreover, Ajith Kumar’s screen presence and some of the lyrical lines are like advice to his fans is sure to get more mileage for the song.

Don’t you mess with me
Vocals: Shruthi Haasan and Sakthishree Gopalan
Lyrics: Karky

Don't You Mess With Me
Don’t You Mess With Me

The song is so sassy and more westernized with a perfect treat for the lovers of such musical genre. The style of rendition by Shruthi Haasan gets more privilege for this song and we aren’t able to hear the vocalism of Sakthishree Gopalan. The guitars and sound effects we hear throughout the song is commendable.

Uyir Nadhi Kalangudhey
Vocal: Ravi Shankar
Lyrics: Viveka

Uyir Nadhi Kalangudhae
Uyir Nadhi Kalangudhae

While rest of the songs are more peppy and fast numbers, this one seems to be an absolute exception, where we are bound to emotional context. It’s a song of pathos, where the protagonist is so much broken down with the loss of his closer one and it looks like something bad has happened to Lakshmi Menon. The lyrical composition and instrumentals are so much at its best that gets us more addicted.

Theri Theme
Vocal: Anirudh
Lyrics: Siva

The Theri Theme
The Theri Theme

Director Siva gets into the shoes of lyricist, which is more power-packed even though seen in few lines. The musical score by Anirudh with the stunning impact would turn more appealing in the theatres when we view them with visuals, especially the right situation it is placed.

Aaluma Doluma
Singers: Anirudh and Baadshah
Lyrics: Rokesh

Aaluma Doluma
Aaluma Doluma

Mark our words! Ajith fans have got a much bigger treat to celebrate the moment with this song surely get them crazy, crazier and craziest… Rokesh implements his usual style of lyrical style, which with a rare combination with A-league actor would get the results on more magnitude.

On the whole, Vedalam album is a commercial spell by Anirudh, which might not instantly grasp to everyone’s senses instantly. This could be an album, where the songs might get enhanced in accordance to the situational placement and visual impacts.

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Verdict: The album with blend of mass, emotions and peppy tunes.

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