Veeran Movie Review

Veeran Movie Review

Veeran Movie Review

Actor Hiphop Aadhi Tamizha’s previous collaboration with Sathya Jyothi Films have been decent family entertainers, and he attempts the same with this new movie ‘Veeran’, hitting screens worldwide today. The film is directed by ARK Saravan, who earlier shot to fame for his directorial debut ‘Maragadha Nanayam’.

Fantasy and Superhero movies have common element of an ordinary man getting super powers when either electrocuted or struck by the lightning. The protagonist (Hiphop Aadhi) belongs to the latter category, who unexpectedly gets hit and develops a superpower. He also experiences additional gifts of telepathy, which prompts him to fly back from Singapore to his native village to save the people from a serious issue.

As abovementioned, Hiphop Aadhi Tamizha is known for coming up with decent family entertainers, and this one is no exception. Director ARK Saravan, who knows the knack of blending humour and emotions together, delivers a neat film. Usually, fantasy genres would demand whopping budget, but the production value is well maintained here. The director rather than focusing on the grandeur tries to engross audiences with engrossing screenplay.

Apart from Aadhi, the other characters too get a decent scope to perform. But it would have been nice if the villain’s character was made yet more powerful. The musical score and the cinematography are additional attractions in this movie.

There are few scenes that manage to eclipse the little vague moments in the writing. Say for instance, the police station sequence followed by the encounter of Veeran with the little girl and few more scenes easily lets the audience feel the connection.

Veeran is a passable entertainer that will not disappoint the family audiences. Sathya Jyothi Films needs special mention for coming up with such decent entertainers, and Veeran will not disappoint the universal crowds.

Veeran Movie Review
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Verdict: A decent entertainer that blends humour and emotions engrossing audiences

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