Vetrivel Movie Review

Vetrivel Movie Review

Written & Direction : Vasantha Mani
Producer : R.Ravindran
Cast : M. Sasikumar | Miya George
Music : D. Imman
Cinematography : S. R. Kathir
Editor : A.L.RAMESH
Production company : Trident arts
Distribution : Lyca Productions

Filmmaker-actor Sasikumar has been choosy with his scripts and he picks up the roles that define his complete stardom through rural and sub-urban man. Much alike Nadodigal and Sundarapandian, even this film ‘Vetrivel’ directed by Vasantha Mani directs him in such a role. The film features musical score by D Imman and cinematography is handled by cinematography.

Set in the village backdrops of Southern Tamil Nadu, the film traverses through the life of Sasikumar, who plays a well disciplined but someone who discontinued school education. Being the elder son of a well reputed school teacher (Ilavarasu) and pampered mother (Renuka), he has no worries in life… His younger brother (Ananth Nag) is already in love with his classmate (Varsha), who happens to be the daughter village president (Prabhu), who is a staunch caste follower. Sasikumar falls in love with a beautiful Malayali girl (Mia George), who happens to be a professional teacher at Government Agricultural College. When both of them are about to profess their love for each other, Sasikumar on the attempts to kidnap Varsha to get her united with his younger brother abducts someone of wrong identity (Nikila Vimal).

The twists that come from the pre-interval sequence to some points during second half is worthy of appreciations. But the narrative pattern slightly reminiscences us off Sasikumar’s previous films like Sundarapandian and Nadodigal… The screenplay although is predictable in parts keeps up the engrossing moments and yes, strong characterizations play an intriguing element. Even the minutest role has been sketched with decorous definition and the dialogues have been very well written. It looks like director Vasantha Mani has breathed his intrinsic native feel through the conversations.

When it comes to performance, Sasikumar has done a neat job by scoring brownie points with his usual mannerisms. Mia George appears as a Malayali girl, but doesn’t get much scope for her performance. Nikila Vimal and Varsha, the newbie out here have done their best in offering a decent show without glamorous appeal, but with good approach to performance. They can thank their director for offering them such role.

Although songs aren’t nowhere closer to the script, D Imman has done a neat job and his background score is commendable. Top-notch cinematography by S.R. Kathir is worthy of appreciations.

Although, there are some minuses that includes stereotypical tale of settling feuds between families, love story interwoven with complications among the siblings and happy ending that could be predicted, the film ‘Vetrivel’ is quite an enjoyable show, which would surely gain the attention of sub-urban and rural audiences.

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Verdict: Caters to the tastes of Sub-urban and Rural audiences.

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