Yatchan Movie Review

Yatchan Movie Review

Screenplay & Direction : Vishnuvardhan
Producer : Siddharth Roy Kapur | Vishnuvardhan
Story & Dialogue : Subha
Cast : Arya | Kreshna | Kishore
Music : Yuvan Shankar Raja
Cinematography : Om Prakash
Editing : Sreekar Prasad
Production company : Vishnuvardhan Pictures
Distribution : UTV Motion Pictures

Emerging into the A-league of filmmakers list, Vishnuvardhan proved an impeccable proficiency with his storytelling skills and has kept it going over the years. His stories might be simple, but the way he would project them surely holds substantiality. Yatchan comes as his latest arrival that stars his close pal Arya, brother Kreshna, Kannada actress Deepa Sannidhi and Swathi of Subramaniapuram in lead roles. As we kept pondering over the film’s genre, whether it would be a thriller or some dark gangster tale like Pattiyal, he offers a surprise as the film belongs to action-comedy and at places, looks like a black comedy.

The story traverses through various characters in different places. We have Arya seen as a man of vagueness. Nothing great to achieve other than being a Thala fan and on an unexpected turn elopes to Chennai for an accidental murder in Tuticorin. On the other end, there is Kreshna, who has been yearning to become an actor from Pazhani hills. His girlfriend Swathi is the greatest supporter and she sends him to Chennai to make his dreams happen. And finally, there is a tall elegant innocuous Deepa Sannidhi, who happens to possess an unusual or perhaps, a strange gift of ESP, where she can predict the hidden truths and future of anyone, whom she touches.

The story holds an uniqueness that might sound ordinary, but when we would read it as a book, it could actually draw much of our attention. The slightest problem happens with the storytelling or possibly the screenplay, which gets slugged down at places. The first half rarely has some engaging elements and it is merely used up to introduce the characters and only the point of intermission we are exposed to the actual conflict. Let us put it this way, if the film had a running length of just 100 minutes, it would have really ticked in many places. Unwanted sequences including few songs hamper the progression of this film… When it comes to performance, Arya remains too effortless, but his humour portions work out well, especially with his combination of Thambi Ramaiah and RJ Balaji. These two comedians keep our moments in laughter. Kreshna is vibrant in places and Swathi looks cute and chirpy. Deepa Sannidhi gets a meaty role to perform and there could have been more instances to intensify her role. The one in the baddie role gets a good scope to perform.

Better claim this one to be a comeback film of Yuvan Shankar Raja. He has done a remarkable job with the songs that wins our attention. Om Prakash has made an appealing cinematography of offering different tones for Arya and Kreshna portions into brownish red and blue tone. Sreekar Prasad is a genius and proves it yet again with his sleek editing.

Overall, Yatchan is a mindless entertainer that could be enjoyed, if you aren’t looking out for logical elements and questions. Might be, it takes some time to settle down, nearly a hour for the actual conflicts to happen, but once it happens, the post-intermission scenes are above middling stage, though the climax is a mix of Sundar C meeting Vishnuvardhan.