Yeman Music Review

Yeman Music Review

Whenever an album from Vijay Antony is released, much before glimpsing upon the track list or listening to them, we can be pretty sure or affirmed that it would definitely be a package of melodies and fast beat Kuthu numbers. But in the past couple of movies like Saithan and Picchaikaaran, it has been a dearth of such elements. Let us have an analysis on his latest release ‘Yaman’, which is launched this morning.

Yem Mela Kai Vachaa Gaali
Singers: Hemachandra, Chetan MC, Kumar
Lyricist: Annamalai, Chetan MC

No doubt! This has been making the best impact of sensational appeal even from the time of single track release, which happened last year. One thing that we couldn’t able to analyse is that we really thought it is Vijay Antony, who is crooning this number and now we notice that it’s Hema Chandra, who strikes a similarity in intonating as Vijay Antony.

Damelo Dumelo
Singers: Saranya, Maria Roe Vincent
Lyricist: P. Vetriselvan

Nothing really impressive about it! It doesn’t impress us anywhere and maybe, ‘Damele Dumelo’ could turn out to be a favourite pick for the rural audiences. Perhaps, this could hit the interests of mainstream listeners of music with the visuals. It is very clear that it’s an item number and the rendition by Saranya and Maria Roe Vincent are really incredible, though the song is just an average work.

Kadavul Ezhuthum
Singers: Yazin Nizar, Janaki Iyer
Lyricist: Ko Sesha

Just when the song is beginning with the simple and commendable preludes, we develop and instinct that it would be splendiferous melody. But by the next few seconds, it moves out to some other zone with unwanted sound mixings. It faintly reminds us off some of his previous composing by Vijay Antony like ‘Unnai Kanda Naal Mudhal’ from ‘Salim’. Yazim Nizar and Janaki Iyer have tried giving in the best efforts though.

Singaram Chella
Singers: Jagadeesh, Ranjith, Unni, Velmurugan, Ayyappan,
Lyrics: Eknanth

It has a stereotypical approach to the usual genre that actually is done in most of the albums by Vijay Antony. The major portions are done by chorus mode by Jagadeesh, Ranjith, Unni, Vel Murugan and Ayyappan. It sounds like a song that is set against backdrops of a serious situation and it is so much revealing with the lyrical lines of Eknath.

Neeye Thaniyai
Singer: Jagadeesh
Lyricist: Muthamilan

A song that is blended with emotional and inspiring lyrics, where the rendition by Jagadeesh is predominantly worthy of appreciations…. We get to hear that in most of the places, the voice closely resembles the style of Vijay Antony. Yet again, it’s a song that will have a boost-up mode only with the visuals.

Overall, the album of ‘Yaman’ is just on the middling graph of radar with only the song ‘Yem Mela Kai Vacha Gaali’ scoring brownie points. Rest of the songs doesn’t grasp into your senses immediately and they don’t engross us too. Maybe with the visuals or consistent promotions, they could make it an above average mark.