13 Tamil Horror Films That Offers Shivers, Chills And Goosebumps

13 Tamil Horror Films That Offers Shivers, Chills And Goosebumps
13 Tamil Horror Films That Offers Shivers, Chills And Goosebumps
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“Hi, I’m Chucky. Wanna play?” How many of you felt the chill and Goosebumps while witnessing this scene in Child’s Play. When the entire Tamil Nadu was spangled with heavy fascination for Hollywood horror movies, few geniuses came forth and offered something more beyond our fascinations and imaginations. In the land, where ‘Horror’ was not a preferred cup of coffee, these auteurs and their showpieces imparted the best impact till the date.

13. Yaar (1985) : 

Before it all began in Tamil cinema, filmmaker Sakthi-Kannan threw the ultimate scream into theatres with this shuddering horror. Starring Action King Arjun and Nalini in lead roles in lead roles, the film had initially grabbed everyone’s interest with Superstar Rajnikanth appearing in a cameo. But sooner the word of mouth publicity spread across the towns and made a big time.

12. 13 Aam No. Veedu (1990) :

When Tamil audiences were in high appraisal of films like ‘Exorcist’, ‘Child’s Play’ et al, there came this film ’13 Aam No. Veedu’. Each and every scene was so much spooky that many from the theatres screamed and rushed out of theatres at the very first scene. The multi-starrer film had lots of prominent actors and an interesting plot in the backdrops. It is still regarded as the best and the best of all horror movies in Tamil.

11. Muni (2007) : 

The first instalment from Raghava Lawrence was the mother of all ‘Horror-Comedy’. Till then, none had envisaged about a thing of this rare combination. Laced with commercial elements that savoured all sector of audiences, Raghava Lawrence delivered the impulsive entertainer.

10. Yaavarum Nalam (2009) :

It was a time, when ‘Horror’ had almost declined from the list of genres and many filmmakers were so negligent in savouring audiences with this one. As a famous quote reads ‘Rejected stone became the foundation’, Vikram Kumar revived the genre of ‘Horror’ with a new label of ‘Supernatural thriller’. What made ‘Yaavarum Nalam’ a colossally high-profiled film was the ability to make a horror film without showing the ghostly apparitions. In fact, this film redefined this genre across Indian film panorama. Moreover, this was the first ever time, where the ghosts had their play through Television, though ‘One Missed Call’ had stepped ahead on international maps with ‘Mobile’ as the element.

9. Eeram (2009) :

‘Dark Water’ was the abrupt epitome that kindled up the sensation after watching this film, but sooner it was eminently proved merely few shots were inspired and rest was an emotional journey that imbibed every audience into it. The visual effects and keeping a gloomy effect with rain and waters absorbed us greatly. Arivazhagan’s screenplay became the surpassing ingredient, where the protagonist is frozen by the point of intermission that the murders are committed by a ghost and apparitions of footprints on water left every audience scream from their ribs.

8. Anandhapurathu Veedu (2010) :

Far-famed for the first ever paranormal supernatural thriller TV series ‘Marma Desam’ and ‘Vidaadhu Karuppu’, filmmaker Naga made his debut directorial with a splendid horror-comedy. To be precise, this wasn’t a horror one, but an emotional ghost movie, where the deceased parents offer solace and relief to their son and his family in their ancestral place, saving him from speculative situations.

7. Kanchana (2011) : 

Years later came the second instalment that was far more beneficial and more stunning. Kanchana was an abrupt hit in box office, where the theatres were thronged with repeat audiences. These were the times, when piracy was ruling the market and yet, the film proved, good films will hamper the black market and win the game in theatres. It is one of the best evergreen entertainers and would gradually retain this status for years to come.

6. Pizza (2012) :

Few minutes into the film, you are nowhere in theaters, but instantly transformed in ‘Michael’, the protagonist Pizza delivery boy and start experiencing the chills and bizarre of horripilating moments inside the haunted house. While everything seems to be moving so scary, the twist by pre-climax left the theaters in abundant smile and claps. But before the audiences could feel the sigh of relief, they had their nerves wrenched with a peck of smile to walk out of theaters.

5. Yaamirukka Bayamey (2014) :

Every ghost needn’t seek revenge! They too have egos! Don’t mess with them! Or else you’re gone! Sounds funny, isn’t? Debutant Deekay came up bringing more humour to this horror flick with hilarious characters. It had its own style of making, where the duration was neat and crisp with perfect entertainment drawing more crowds to the theatres.

4. Aranmanai : 

A not-much preferred film by critics for they easily referred to each and every scene inspired from ‘A woman in black’, ‘Paranormal Activity’ and such an easy way for Sundar C to turn the scary somnambulism of a little girl from ‘Conjuring’ to funny Chitra Lakshmanan. As the critics were disappointed with so simplistic replications of Sundar C, it took them by storming surprise with incredulous success in box office.

3. Aaaah (2014) :

Anthology was an alien indeed in south cinema, especially a rare combination to look up with ‘horror’. Although South Indian filmmaker Ram Gopal Varma had attempted this with ‘Darna Zaroori Hai’, when the entire Bollywood couldn’t stop raving about this man, there weren’t much here in down the south. Malayalam attempted a classic collection of 10 stories ‘Kerala Cafe’, which was just a drama, but ‘Aaaah’ stepped aheadand madean anthology of horror stories.

2. Pisasu (2014) :

Been a long-long time of shooting the breeze with a good looking beautiful ghost that doesn’t hurt anyone, but struggles to prevent the truth from being revealed, a truth that will leave her beau in guiltiness forever. So naturally shot avoiding unwanted gaudiness, Mysskin had a beautiful way to end the film.

1. Kanchana 2 :

Preferably, no words are in need to delineate this third instalment of Muni. Although, the plot and treatment of script remains almost the same, it became more than a movie in theatres, say, a celebration for this summer. Kids rejoice, adults cannot stop laughing and mass audiences turn irresistible for the unlimited entertainment. A single word! A well tailored horror-comedy that will be the top preference to watch on any occasions.