14 Soulful BGMS that stirs love of soulfulness

Music and love are the most synonymous things in life of mankind. In fact, inseparable elements as your moments are embellished in music, when you fall in love or on flip side, heart breaks. On this Valentine Day, we bring you 14 best picks of BGM scores that your minds are addicted. It’s like ‘Think about your Valentine and this musical flow happens in your veins’.

14. Sillunu Oru Kadhal :

This cannot stop hitting your minds, especially if you’re someone thinking about the first love in your lives or the most beloved ones. Maybe, you’re with them or separated by situations, these tunes keep you brooding over the emotional moments. Just as the title claims, the love spread by the breezy chillness that prevails up.

13. Vinnaithaandi Varuvaaya :

The Jessie Theme is more than enough for all of us to be imbibed in the irresistible emotions that take you through the relentless journeys of unconditional brooding of love.

12. Punnagai Mannan :

Name the film and you’ll have the evergreen classical ‘Violin’ theme music played in non-stop mode. A classical music is done in such a way by Maestro Ilayaraja that it will never fade in the pages of music and love.

11. Moonu :

Soul stirring music that never gets away from your memories even when you have stopped playing them… Your eyes will never fail to get moistened as you hear the slow poisoned tune of ‘Po Nee Po’ on pianos.

10. Raja Rani :

An impeccable style that nurtures the emotions of every listeners! GV Prakash rendered heart-melting tunes that encompasses joy, loss, pain, glory and redemption.

9. Vaaranam Aayiram :

Decades back in time, it was the signature theme of ‘God Father’ that would bring up the nostalgias of love. Inspired vividly through these quotients, the beautiful guitars and when you hear them on ‘Nenjukkul’, you could have it played over and again, especially when you find your beloveds besides. Not to miss the mellisonant ‘Anal Mele’ too….

8. O Kadhal Kanmani :


Newfangled music for the new age love story that instantly grabs our attention… The BGM when compared to other albums by AR Rahman is comparatively lesser, but it gives more impact through the senses, especially the one – ‘Theera Ulaa’.

7. Roja :

Ah! When the BGM of prelude from ‘Kadhal Rojave’ is played or be it the preludes from ‘Pudhu Vellai Malai’, you’re spellbound and taken back to the nostalgic days fervently, when you were in deep love with the music.

6. Mouna Ragam :


Love has no barriers of age and numbers, so is the musical score for Mouna Ragam. Even for the ones from the contemporary generation that hasn’t seen the movie, they could easily get melted away with the music from Maestro Ilayaraja.

5. Alaipayudhey :

Honeyed tunes and more emotional ones conquered our hearts and still continue to reign. Who can forget the most dulcet tune of ‘Evano Oruvan’ on strings.

4. Minnale :

No words to define the music of Harris Jayaraj. Much more than the songs, the BGM took off with huge grandeur and mind-boggling reception.

3. Rhythm :

Amalgamating the five elements of nature, AR Rahman composed music for this film and yes, even the signature tunes are highly regarded to be adorable essence of love. The pathos, joy and emotions were very well conveyed through pianos, violin, strings and flute.

2. 7G Rainbow Colony :

You’ve no options, but to get your hearts bounded to immense emotional invigorations. It has everything that could make you laugh, cry and bang up the fists in pain too… Such is the spellbinding musical score by Yuvan Shankar Raja….

1. Kadhalukku Mariyadhai :

What makes the BGM more engrossing in this album is that Maestro Ilayaraja doesn’t go for loud noise or sounds, but just simple tunes on instrumentals, but again, they stick up to your hearts compassionately, enlivening the beauty of love.