A Chat with ‘Darling 2’ Rameez Raja

One of the most awaited Horror films in 2016 is Darling 2. Be it the exciting cast and crew or the enticing creatives, Darling 2 had made heads turn. The protagonist of the film Rameez Raja says that, acting was his all-time passion and now his dream has come true. “I always wanted to act and I have done few short films. During that travel, I met Director Sathish Chandrasekaran through stunt master Billa Jagan, and Sathish narrated the script to me. Soon we teamed up with the crew and we had all the artists’ dates. So that’s how we started Darling 2”, gladly says Rameez.

Before getting started, Rameez seems to have toiled pretty much, to hone his acting skills. He adds that it was a great experience for him to work with the entire crew. “Acting in this movie was a great experience because every artist who acted with me were so talented and just by acting with them, I came to learn so much!” Rameez, the lead actor of Darling 2 proudly speaks about his co-actors and he says that it was a eureka moment for him. “Co-actors gave me a lot of inputs on the sets and were friendly. Generally no one will let a new comer to score and take a back seat! But my co-actors gave me more priority in most of the scenes in which generally many people will not do it in such a competitive industry! On the same note, working with producer K.E. Gnanavel Raja sir was indeed a blessing. He is known to support young talents and I’m thankful to him…” eminently said Raja.

Rameez Raja affirms that Darling 2 is packed with commercial and entertaining factors and is sure to be a winner. “Darling 2 is releasing on 1st April, and just like any other actor, I’m hoping for the best!”, smiles Rameez Raja.