Interview with Mahesh (Prime Media US)

Interview with Mahesh (Prime Media US)

Prime Media is one of the leading Tamil cinema distribution company in US and their success in recent years is enormous in short period of time. When we had a talk with Prime Media’s career in film distribution, we got many interesting information and here is the snippet from his talks.

First on shooting about the Year prime media step-in to this field, we got shocked that they have recently entered and got succeed in quick time span. He said, “2011, But we have been doing USA exhibition of movies from 2007”.

Next we were interested to know the Current trend of Tamil Cinema in US since the people there are so fond of Hollywood movies and having a little chance to see Tamil movies. But he said “We have audience for movies if content is good. The audience varies based on content, actors & directors, but US audience always encourages good content”

Recently OK Kanmani was released under his distribution and we were eager to know the reach of it. But we got a single word response which itself says everything about it and here it is “Phenomenal – Mind Blowing” is the word.

When questioning about the reason behind the successful Tamil movies in US, the response made Tamil cinema proud. He said, “Good content, movies with great presentation”

We were eager to to know the Taste of people in US and what they expects from Tamil cinema. He says “Clean film with good presentation, Good mix of drama, comedy & action”

Distributors know the pulse of people and they know what is needed for a film industry. when we shoot out about the message to distributors and directors to take Tamil cinema to next level, like what revenue models can be implemented, so producer can be benefited. Response is worth notable and have to get reach here. “In last 3-4 years because of social media & various other platforms producers are much aware about North American market. To make best out of the market producers should directly deal with distributors or work with them to release movie by themselves. If movie is good North America has a great potential. Taking Tamil cinemas to next level it’s challenge to whole industry, we should plan release date well in advance and stick to it; whole team should get involved in marketing; subtitles; affordable ticket pricing etc.

We are curious to know what is the most profitable film in their distribution and why they think it was successful. Here the response from prime media, “Undoubtedly OKKanmani. Content, 3 best technicians of the industry, music being a great plus, 1st major film of summer”

In US, not only Tamil people, other people also watching Tamil movies with subtitle enabled. when we ask about subtitle and the impact, He said, “Very important for all movies and it has to be altered to US audience”

When asking about how they reach/promote Tamil movies in US and the strategy they follow, prime media said “Mostly through media websites and slowly social media is picking up”

At last, we ask about the ongoing distribution of Uttama Villain and the status, response was huge and here it is, “We are all set to release the movie in USA & Canada from April 30th in Tamil. This is the biggest release for our company PRIME Media and the widest release for any Kamal Haasan film, releasing in more than 150+ locations”