Interview with Sri Gouri Priya about Lover True Lover

Interview with Sri Gouri Priya about Lover/True Lover

Sri Gouri Priya, the leading lady of “True Lover”, a romantic drama directed by Prabhuram Vyas, spoke about her experience working on the film. The movie, which features Manikandan and Kanna Ravi as the male leads, is produced by Nazerath Pasilian, Magesh Raj Pasilian, and Yuvraj Ganesan under the banners of Million Dollar Studios and MRP Entertainment. The film has the backing of ace director Maruthi and successful producer SKN, who are presenting it to the Telugu audience. “True Lover” is slated to hit the screens on the 10th of this month, and Sri Gouri Priya expressed her excitement and confidence about the film.

I am a native of Hyderabad and I have always enjoyed participating in cultural activities since my childhood. I was involved in various school and college events and developed a passion for music. I started singing and got the opportunity to enter the film industry after winning the Miss Hyderabad title in 2018. I did not have any childhood dreams of becoming a heroine, it was a coincidence that I got into this field. I got recognition for my web series with Priyadarshi at Vyjayanthi Movies and then for my roles in movies like “Mad” with Suhas during the lockdown. These films were released last year and received positive feedback. I also impressed the Tamil audience with my web series “Modern Love Chennai” which was directed by famous directors. They offered me a role in “True Lover” which is a Tamil film dubbed in Telugu as “Lover”. The film will release on the 9th in Tamil and on the 10th in Telugu.

“True Lover” is a film that explores the complexity of love and relationships, as told by the director Prabhuram Vyas. It is not a conventional love story where the protagonists meet, face challenges, and reunite. Instead, it shows how different situations and perspectives can shape the way people view each other. The film spans six years and reveals how a boy and a girl perceive each other in various scenarios, creating a multi-layered narrative. The film challenges the notion of judging someone based on a single moment or circumstance, as life is full of twists and turns that can change everything. The film also resonates with the audience, as they can find parallels between the film’s scenes and their own experiences of love. The film is realistic and avoids clichés or commercial elements.

I played the role of Divya in “True Lover”, a character that was written by director Prabhuram Vyas with a lot of nuances. It was challenging to get into the mindset of Divya, who has different facets to her personality. I had to dub in Tamil for the first time, and the team helped me a lot with that. I also attended workshops to prepare for the role. I enjoyed working with Manikandan, who is a very skilled actor. We had a great rapport on the set and supported each other.

The news that SKN and Maruthi are releasing “True Lover” in Telugu brought immense joy. Their involvement assures a positive reception from the Telugu audience. Being a Telugu girl myself, I know how much the audience loves and supports my films, and I feel sad that I cannot be with them during the release. However, I look forward to watching the film with them in the theater once I finish my commitments in Chennai.

I don’t feel like an outsider in Tollywood just because I act in Tamil movies as a Telugu girl. I still get good opportunities in Telugu cinema. I will reveal more information after “True Lover” hits the screens. The Tamil and Telugu film industries have a long history of collaboration, with many Tamil stars becoming popular in Telugu, and vice versa. The language was a hurdle at first, but I have learned Tamil well. Nowadays, content is king, and movies with engaging stories are sure to draw the crowds. With the advent of OTTs, viewers enjoy content from different parts of the world, and “True Lover” has quality content that gives me confidence in its success.