Janani Rajan journey towards Vaanavil Vaazhkai

Music is the greatest equalizers of all. As an art it has got the power to penetrate where other definitions of art lack.’’ is a film on music that speaks volumes about the music. Directed by James Vasanthan ‘’ has got many youngsters who sing and act too. Significant among them is a pretty and talented young girl.

‘My interest on music was born along with me. I had been learning Carnatic music for the past 13 years. I had excelled in many stage program in my college cultural and other events. When I was approached for this film I was told that apart from singing I need to perform as a artist too by James sir. My parents were Ok for singing but very reluctant to let me act. I had to be on the best of my persuading skills to convince them. I can never settle any thing lesser than success, the young Nightingale smiled of in a classic style.