Lakshmi Devy about Masala Padam

Lakshmi Devy about Masala Padam

‘Masala Padam’ all set for release on 9th of October with Bobby Simha, Mirchi Shiva, Gaurav and Lakshmi Devy in the lead is produced by Vijay Ragavendra of All in Pictures and distributed by Auraa cinemas.

Lakshmi Devy plays a crucial role who glues all the main leads of Masala Padam. Masala padam is much discussed for it’s theme based on the critics on the social media.

‘Initially i started my career as a model and my interest towards movies lured me to Masala Padam. This movie is a package which contains huge entertaining element.

I have seen Mirchi Shiva in many movie and keep laughing out loud alone for his dialogues delivery and his body language, he is the same even in the real time. his spontaneous hilarious dialogues was a big Stress buster for us in the sets. i could hardly control my laughs on takes.Bobby Simhaa was bit serious but I’m very sure that Masala Padam would be his best of all, Gaurav’s dedication and his passionate in acting made me astonish we had a good time and was easy to share the screen space he is always calm and cute.

We all amalgamated very well for the outcome of our movie . Laxman being Both cinematographer and director had huge responsibilities This is a movie which should be seen by all online critics, in fact all of us fall into that category now i would say.

Masala Padam is a family entertainer with plenty of fodder to think, like and comment concluded pretty and confident Lakshmi Devy.’.