‘MEOW’ is a tribute to all pet lovers : Director Chinaas Palanisamy

‘MEOW’ is a tribute to all pet lovers : Director Chinaas Palanisamy. Making a film that has Pet animals in the lead is not that much easy… We all know that Hollywood leads in those genre films, but in recent years Tamil Cinema also comes up with such wonderful world class creations. Actor Sibiraj’s ‘Naaigal Jaakirathai’ is one of the recent examples. And now, the upcoming Comedy-Thriller ‘MEOW’ produced by Vincent Adaikalaraj under the banner ‘Global Woods Movies’ is all set to join in that list. It is to be noted that the producer of ‘MEOW’ Vincent Adaikalaraj had produced legendary filmmaker ‘Bharat Ratna’ Satyajit Ray’s last script ‘TARGET’.

For the very first time in the history of Indian cinema, a Persian Cat has acted in the lead role of ‘MEOW’. Directed by debutante Chinaas Palanisamy, the film ‘MEOW’ has a set of talented technicians that includes Music director Sreejith Edavano (Debut), Cinematographer Bhojan K dinesh (Satham Podathey) and Editor Satish Surya.

“‘MEOW’ is all about a cat named ‘Selfie’. Four youngsters begin to trouble Selfie and at a certain point of time Selfie takes revenge on them. The tussle between the cat who is intent on revenge and the men who want to save their skins is the fulcrum of the movie, ‘MEOW’. To make the shots to be more realistic, our Graphic designer Ramesh Aacharya has used master class CG in five hundred and fifty shots. Audience will not able to find the difference between Original Cat and the Graphics Cat. ‘MEOW’ is a tribute to all pet lovers…”says Chinaas Palanisamy, the Director of ‘MEOW’.

‘MEOW’ runs for one hundred and twenty minutes but not even a single frame will make the Audience disconnect themselves from the film. I am pretty sure that ‘MEOW’ will be a perfect Comedy-Thriller for Children, Youngsters, Family and for all sets of Audience. We all know that Dogs are the favorite pets of TamilNadu, but after watching ‘MEOW’ People will have a special love for Cats…” says Vincent Adaikalaraj, the producer of ‘MEOW’ in a confident tone.