“The character ‘Love’ is not gay or transgender in Iru Mugan” – Vikram

As soon as Vikram flashed up his surprise role in ‘Iru Mugan’ trailer, the social media mobsters threw up their own assumptions claiming his role ‘Love’ as Gay ‘n’ Transgender. But Kenny as we fondly ennoble, Chiyaan Vikram pulls up a surprise saying, “Love – He is neither a Gay nor Homosexual, he is something beyond that and you will be hooked up with surprise when you see him on the screens. He is so powerful as the protagonist and I really loved the negative role when Anand Shankar, director of this film narrated me the script.”

Vikram also comes up with a statement saying that he doesn’t intentionally look up for such unconventional roles that demand his overpowering energy, but people expect something different from him.

Iru Mugan is getting ready for release by September 1 as of now current plans and would have a simultaneous release in Telugu as well.