Priceless princess of K-town: Hansika

Hansika, this name would get a sudden glimpse of smile when you hear. The young pretty actress has been showing versatility with her choice of roles that are different from one film to another. From a simple innocent Village girl Selvi in Aranmanai, the gorgeous looking air hostess in the much expected ‘Romeo Juliet’ releasing world wide on 12th of this month.. Thanks to the characters she choose to play, her script choosing abilities, the good will she generates from her noble deeds and not to forget her gorgeous new fit look, she is a closer to heart angel of the Tamil audience.

The ever charming actress is busy juggling with her off-screen noble activities and onscreen duties.She is visibly excited about the following months of this year with ‘Romeo Juliet’ and ‘Puli’. “I am playing a freaky Air hostess in ‘Romeo Juliet’. I am amazed with the kind of positive response this film had created. I am called Juliet wherever I go thanks a ton to the visibility this film had got. This title identification with an artiste will be the biggest boon one can ever get” signed off the princess Hansika with a priceless smile.