Samantha – Swaying with beauty of showbiz and fancifying fans

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Greasing up the elbows with more phenomenal experiments and accomplishing incredulous endeavours has become the heart and soul motto of the South industry’s reigning princess. Having surpassed with exotically glamorous appeal in some of the films, Samantha looks so much sure as striking gold with some commendably convincing roles that would let her pat her own shoulders while looking back into the projects she has done. In this new segment of exclusive chat with Samantha, she brings up more interesting facts about her upcoming projects and unparalleled uniqueness of superstars Vijay, Suriya, Mahesh Babu and others.

1. Q: You are also working with Ilaya Thalapathy Vijay in Theri after Kaththi.

A: I am a fan of Ilaya Thalapathy Vijay. His screen presence is amazing. I cannot put into words how great his off-screen persona is. He is so down to earth. It’s a great experience working with him after Kaththi. I share lot of screen space with him in Theri.

2. Q: Tell us something about your role in Theri.

A: I have a strong role in Theri. Dir Atlee is known for his strong female characters. He has done the same in Theri for me. Nowadays, I am very particular that I don’t do just song and dance routines alone. When I leave the movie industry and look back, both personally and professionally I want to be satisfied with my journey in the industry.

3. Q: You are again working with Suriya in 24.

A: I am happy to work with Suriya and Dir Vikram Kumar again in 24. In fact, I will be working with Dir Vikram Kumar in another movie after 24. The thing with Top Stars whether Suriya or Vijay, they are all so easy to work with. They have so much experience in the industry, but still they are all very down to earth. This is applicable for Telugu Top heroes also whom I worked with.

4. Q: What is your take on how 10EK performed and the reception for your role especially?

A: It was little upsetting that 10EK didn’t perform well at the Box office as expected. But I am glad fans and most critics received my dual role positively. I dubbed for myself in 10 EK. Again did the same for Thanga Magan. Hopefully, I will get to do it for Theri too.

5. Q: Have you started shooting for Brahmotsavam with Mahesh Babu.

A: I will be shooting for Brahmotsavam with Mahesh from December end. Nowadays, he is focusing on different types of commercial movies with good, family oriented content. Happy to be part of Brahmotsavam.

6. Q: You have been very consistent in Charity work. A rare among Indian Stars.

A: I didn’t take up charity when my career was on the decline or to seek publicity. I got seriously involved when I am busy still doing lot of movies. I have six movies and twelve endorsements on hand now. It takes a lot of my time and attention. I come from a modest background and I want to give back to the society.

7. Q: Recently you donated 30 Lakhs for Chennai Flood relief, which is a great gesture.

A: Yes. I am from Chennai. More than my donation, I am amazed at the number of citizen volunteers who turned up to help the city. That shows the spirit of Chennai. Compared to their dedication, my donation is a small gesture.

8. Q: You have one of the most loyal and intense fan following on Social Media. They even call you an Angel.

A: I respect my fans. They respect me. They help me a lot with my charity and fund raising. They protect me. If anyone trolls me on Social Media, they defend me. My fans are not some aimless fanatics. They are very educated and have a career of their own. Some core group of fans are with me from my debut movie. They give me sound advice. I listen to them and I am lucky to have them.