“Thappu Thanda will stand out of the box” – Director Srikantan

“Thappu Thanda will stand out of the box” – Director Srikantan

Wherever the election takes place, there is a certain happening that happens habitually all over the country. A huge amount of money will be travelling across the nation in order to earn (bribe) the votes from Public. What happens if that lump of money is looted by four ordinary youngsters? The answer will be revealed by the upcoming Dark – Comical – Crime – Thriller ‘Thappu Thanda’ that is directed by debutante Srikantan, the disciple of Veteran filmmaker Balumahendra.

Produced by Sathyamurthi under the banner ‘Clapboard Production’, the film ‘Thappu Thanda’ has Sathya – Shweta Gai in the lead and Mime Gopi, John Vijay, Ajay Ghosh, E Ramdoss, Madras Ravi, Mahendran, Naga, Snajeevi, Ashmita Priya, Jiva Ravi and Aatma in the pivotal roles. It is to be noted that the ‘Three – Plot’ story is well backed up by a bunch of talented technicians that includes Cinematographer A Vinod Bharathi (Nerungi Vaa Muthamidathe), Music Director Naren Balakumar, Editor S P Raja Sethupathi (Sathuranga Vettai) and Art Director B Siva Sankar.

“Our ‘Thappu Thanda’ is a three – plot story. First plot will revolve around Election, Second plot will revolve around four ordinary robbing trainees and the third plot speaks about the love bond of Heroine and her boyfriend…To be very simple, first half will be Dark – Comedy and the second half will be Crime -Thriller.

John Vijay Sir’s character is the main highlight of our film. For the very first time, he runs an exclusive university for robbing….He collects resume from several youngsters and train them step – by – step in Robbery. Likewise Ajay Ghosh sir has acted in a very crucial role and his character will take our film to different dimensions. After ‘Visaaranai’, his role in our film will earn huge appreciations.

Our Hero cum Producer Sathyamurthi who hailed from ‘Koothu Pattarai’ has done justice for the role…. We are pretty sure that our ‘Thappu Thanda’ will stand out of the box from other Dark – Comical – Crime – Thriller films…” says Director Srikantan in a confident tone.