‘Tubelight’ movie reveals the love of an imperfect man

‘Tubelight’ movie reveals the love of an imperfect man. Not every film has the potential to attract the Audience by its title, but few can succeed in it. Tubelight, the upcoming Romantic-Comedy is a classic example on this. Directed by debutante Indra, the film ‘Tubelight’ is produced by ‘Ostrich Media Productions’. “It took almost a decade to make my dream come true till i met my producer Mr.Ravi Narayanan. He liked my script which I had prepared ages before and that’s how the project kick-started…” starts Indra, the Director and the Protagonist of the film ‘Tubelight’ with a gentle smile.

Indra an engineer by profession is inspired by World-Class legends Charlie Chaplin, Michael Jackson and Jackie Chan. “My all-time dream is now blooming out through Tubelight. I feel the title should blend with the character and the story and hence I have gone for ‘Tubelight’. We also heard that Bollywood ‘Macho Man’ Salman khan is suggesting the same title ‘Tubelight’ for his upcoming film. It might be a mighty coincidence but atleast I am glad our thought process are in the same boat…” says Indra with tongue in cheek smile.

“An imperfect man falling in love with a lovely girl with a crazy doctor playing the card between the man and his love is the one line story of our film ‘Tubelight’. The script was a non-linear type, so filming was a bit tough and adventurous. It was a pleasure for me to work with Pandiarajan sir who has done an amazing role in this movie and I assure that Tubelight would be a Visual treat for the audience…” says and signs-off Indra, the Director-come-Hero of the film ‘Tubelight’. While Dhiya plays the female lead in Tubelight, bunch of young talents Praveen Prem, Vinoth, Bujji Babu and Ramya Shankar plays the pivotal roles in the film.