J Baby Movie First Look Poster (1)
8th March 2024


J.Baby is an emotional family entertainer directed by Suresh Mari featuring Urvashi, Attakathi Dinesh, Lollu Sabha Maaran in lead role.
8th March 2024, ,


Gaami, chronicles the adventurous journey of Shankar- a wounded, reluctant and reclusive aghora on his quest to find the cure for his very rare human condition- the one that will be cured, only when he can confront and conquers the haunting ironical questions of his life.
Joshua Imai Pol Kaakha Trailer Release Poster
1st March 2024,


The rivalry between two best friends takes center stage when students from different batches of college clash over a cultural festival. In the bargain, they light up the university in a riot that a political party is aching to take advantage of.
Vithaikkaaran Release Date Poster (2)
23rd February 2024, ,


Vithaikkaaran is directed by Venki featuring Sathish, Simran Gupta in the main lead roles. Music is composed by VBR.

23rd February 2024,

Siddharth Roy

An eccentric life story of an emotionless guy
Vadakkupatti Ramasamy Movie Poster (1)

A man attempts to con the residents of his village by playing on their superstitions.

Chiclets Movie Poster (1)
2nd February 2024


Three young girls and boys were entering adolescence and becoming curious about their sexual desires. They decided to go on a date and planned to have their first sexual experience at a party. However, the parents intervene in time.

SSMB 28 Movie Release Date Poster

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