Home News “Amma Kanakku will establish a parent-children bonding” – Dhanush

“Amma Kanakku will establish a parent-children bonding” – Dhanush

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There was something more unique during the last evening of promotional event and yes himself made it clear with his presence. “Usually, I wouldn’t prefer appearing for the film events I am involved as a producer. I want to make sure that the actors and technicians get their due accredit, but with , I made a conscious decision to be a part of this event as I am feeling so much proud to have produced it,”

, who continued to add that the film will show more prominence towards parent-children bonding. Children go through pressures at schooling and sometimes, they have some pressures drawn from their parents as well. On the other end, kids fail to realize the love and care that parents shower upon them. This film will be more like establishing the bond between them and has a good message as well…

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