Ashok Selvan and Aishwarya not in ‘Hindi Medium’ remake

and Aishwarya not in ‘Hindi Medium’ remake


Initially before couple of weeks, it was expected that Lakshmi Ramakrishnan would be making a film, which could be the remake of super hit Hindi movie ‘Hindi Medium’. The film starred Irfan Khan in lead role and is still running successfully. Moreover, the film’s remake in Tamil was expected to have and in lead roles. It was even confirmed by Lakshmi Ramakrishnan, but then we get to hear the affirmation that it is not a remake of Hindi medium, but a fresh script. The film is about a couple who want to buy a house and the journey involved during this task is narrated with humour and emotions.  ’s upcoming film ‘Kootathil Oruvan’ is hitting screens this Friday and is busy occupied with more projects.