“Ban Biriyani instead of Jallikattu” – Kamal Haasan’s voice

“Ban Biriyani instead of ” – ’s voice

Whenever, there is a need for right statements, doesn’t refrain from doing it so. He would come forward expressing his inmost and straightforward words from his shoulders. With the serious issue of centring upon the state, many celebrities from the showbiz have been rendering their voices in support. Apparently, Kamal Haasan comes into the situation with a jocular statement saying that if banning Jallikattu in accordance to safeguarding the lives of Bull, why not ban Biriyani first. Adding more, Kamal Haasan claims that he is one among the few in the industry to have played the sport of Jallikattu, which is not about hurting the bull, but embracing it and standing on pars to its herculean power.