Bhoomi Movie Review
Bhoomi Movie Review

Bhoomi Movie Review

In one of the recent interviews, when asked on assumed perceptions that the hero Bhoominathan in trailer looks no different from Sundar in Sarkar and Rajinikanth in Sivaji, he just came up with a surprise note stating, “Why make such a comparison, my hero’s role is inspired by Elon Musk.” Well, this in fact instilled in us more excitements to check out what’s the biggest stuff awaiting us. A corporate King Vs Corporate Villain with ‘Agriculture’ as the premise. Wow! What an amazing script that Lakshman could have crafted. In contrast, all such assumptions prove you wrong as Bhoomi is yet another potboiler that most of our heroes have tested with.

By the initial moments, we find Bhoominathan (Jayam Ravi) as a leading scientist addressing the media at NASA about his journey to Mars, where he would cultivate crops and make life more biological there. He wants to visit his home town in Tamil Nadu before embarking on a Martian journey. Guess what? He comes across terrible issues faced by our farmers and vows to stay back here to save them from the hardships. This lands him up on the bad pages of corporate bigwig Richard (Ronit Roy).

The angry young man quotients are very much available within Jayam Ravi and he has the ability to express his prowess performances with such roles efficiently. The actor has done a fabulous job here. Rest is miserable. The story doesn’t engross or engage you anywhere. With most of the portions very much predictable, we lose the interest halfway. While the director could have very well crafted the cat-and-mouse combat between the hero and villain in a good manner, which would have at least made this potboiler little engrossing, he fails to score here… Nidhi Agerwal fails to deliver a neat performance and looks totally inexpressive. Saranya Ponvannan has become a mandatory element in mother’s character for every movie. Directors, please sweat out to get the casting done with few more talented artistes. We don’t mean to offend her. She’s a great artiste, but still to find her play more mom roles that veteran Manorama is actually hampering her potentials. On the other hand, the rest of the star-cast is completely disappointing. Ronit Roy has done a neat work in projecting himself in a great way.

The BGM looks commendable in few places, but the songs are not up to the mark. D Imman had delivered some laudable numbers for Jayam Ravi and Lakshman in their previous movies, but this one is disappointing. Cinematography works out good. Stunt sequences are appreciable.

With majority of the film travelling on a predictable line and the story being no different from what the leading heroes of Tamil cinema have already done, Bhoomi doesn’t win our hearts.

Bhoomi Movie Review
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Verdict: A big disappointment! Except for Jayam Ravi’s performance, there’s no takeaway

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