Bulgarian actors in tearful joy for Ajith Kumar’s gesture

Bulgarian actors in tearful joy for Kumar’s gesture

Kumar’s good hearted nature is very much familiar among K-Town. Although, he is someone who never shows up for any promotions or film events, he has been highly regarded and respected for his beautiful gesture of respecting others and getting to help during all situations. We have been witnessing with the testimonials of his co-stars and all other film fraternity members. Now the actor’s good deed has reached beyond the boundaries and now it’s all about the Bulgarian junior artists.

While getting to shoot the film in , almost everyone from the international film fraternity, they don’t prefer getting local Bulgarian actors onboard. Moreover, the respective film industry of is in a deplorable condition and actors are turning into poverty.

Realizing this, Ajith Kumar had suggested that the Bulgarian actors get a chance to be part of ‘’. Now this made Ajith Kumar, a real life hero in the foreign country too…

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