Eeswaran Movie Review
Eeswaran Movie Review

Eeswaran Movie Review

Many reasons made Eeswaran, a much awaited film of this season. Silambarasan’s comeback nearly after couple of years followed by Susienthiran’s previous success with family entertainers enlivened the expectations. The storyline is very simple – Eeswaran (Silambarasan) is helper of an elder man (Bharathiraja), who lost his wife and is leading a lonely life as his children have left the native land. With COVID-19 laying it disastrous impact, the family members gather and comeback to their ancestral house. When an astrologer, who predicted the death of his wife years ago, he yet again claims that a misfortune incident of a death awaits the family, everyone gets shocked. Meanwhile, some attempts are made to kill Bharathiraja and Eeswaran keeps protecting him. Who is Eeswaran actually? Why is trying to save the old man? Who’s the person behind the plans to kill him?

As abovementioned, the story is simple and so is narration. If you keep looking out for analysis or picking out plus and minus, you’ll be probably disappointed. It’s an entertainer that has the elements to grab the attention of family audiences. There are some illogical issues, where the COVID-19 issues are taken as fun element, but still we don’t get to see it as a hampering factor. It’s Silambarasan ruling the show all the way. He has done a neat job and befittingly looks perfect. Nidhi Agerwal is disappointing. Bharathiraja is excellent with his naturalistic performance. Stun Siva is a good pick for the antagonist’s role.

Director Susienthiran interweaving the story with some surprises and twists at regular intervals and the way he clubs them up together at a single point is smart work. Maangalyam is a treat for STR fans. BGM works out very well in many places. Cinematography is top-notch.

On the whole, Eeswaran owns the traits that will impress the family audiences.

Eeswaran Movie Review
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Verdict: Eeswaran has a time-worn story, but is still enjoyable

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