“Every character in Thoonga Vanam has a back story” – Kamal Haasan

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When Kamal Haasan utters something, it has lots of logical elements and more substantiality. He never throws up anything as an extravagant word, but sticking to the fact or reality. With his Thoonga Vanam getting ready for release on the Diwali festival, he has been interacting with many media channels across the country and during one such juncture, he states that the characterizations form an intriguing part of Thoonga Vanam, where the plot and narration gets completely diverted from the original French film ‘Sleepless Night’.

Assuring of what audiences can enjoy as procurable benefits from this film, he says that every character will have completeness in sketch with an alpha and omega that comes packaged with a back story. Everyone has a reason to chase, kill and seek revenge here and that’s what the title means – The Jungle that never sleeps.